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  1. Sometimes, it's better to wait for news, than to try to make the news... CDC is so much fun!

  2. I'm thinking that was a decent road trip, overall. I like how so many different players have been able to reach the score sheet lately

  3. Just got my ticket to the Van/Winnipeg Prospect game, Can't wait!

  4. Having only 1 day off is always fun. See you tomorrow

  5. Next step, Young Stars tourney! Can't wait to see all the prospects compete! Finally seeing a Jets jersey, after that interesting logo, will be great

  6. Best season I've ever seen out of this team. Let's see a more positive outcome, next year!

  7. Bed. Bed is on my mind, as work has been my life lately. I can't wait for next weekm when I can watch the Nux play again

    1. Dazzle


      Imma put you to bed, bed, BEEEEEEEEEEEED.

    2. CmdrAdama


      geez, I get a message, and no notification of it... lol

  8. I post when it's the opportune moment... whenever, wherever... lol

  9. Is October 9th any time soon? I want to see a couple of wins.... lol

  10. So, 0-3. This is actually a GREAT start to the season, one where the core is workiong the bugs out, and the prospects are stepping up play, in hopes they make their respective squads. I'm hoping some impress enough for a shot at a few regular seasion games.

    1. CmdrAdama


      okay, respect the beer, and forgive a typo... lol

  11. I am REALLY disappointed I have to work, both tomorrow, (Tuesday) and October 9th...

  12. Life without hockey is.... dull...

  13. When do we get back to hockey? I miss it, REAL BAD... lol

  14. Okay, beer MAY play a MAJOR factor in my posts as of this moment

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    2. CmdrAdama


      It's been so long since I've seen ANY of them! I must admit, Starbuck is HOT now... lol

    3. The Situation

      The Situation

      You think so? I thought she kind of looked a dude.

    4. CmdrAdama


      the first REAL shot of her... there was boobage! Okay, I'm an old dude, considering, I remember the original, when it was, like, Original.... It was the story line, that made her more male, but, think of the circumstances in that series... do you think a chick would be feminine, or a little male?

  15. Andrew Alberts deserves a chance. We've got ourselves a big boy on defense....let's keep him!

    1. The Situation
    2. CmdrAdama


      maybe Pylon? lol He's not as bad as we saw in the playoffs.... I'm looking forward to the new season, for EVERYONE on the payroll

  16. Hmm... What's on my mind... connective tissue, veins, arteries, skull, muscle, more veins, arteries... skin, oil glands, hair follicles, HAIR, maybe a Budweiser cap... that's about it!

  17. You sir, were away? Welcome back! Always have looked forward to a post from yourself. Keep us in line!

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