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  1. Hmm, Linden's high on Edler... the only player Torts couldn't 'get to', was Edler... If Torts had issues with Kesler and Edler, seems that problem's gone now. We shall see...
  2. Damn, said on Facebook after the game, that Gillis would be gone by noon today. Not too often one of my thoughts gets done... he should have been initially hired as an assistant GM, to learn the position. I can't remember who was available at the time, though.
  3. What, you didn't try to auction off your son? I'm disappointed! lol, only joking, but win. lose, or OT/SO lose, gotta love the Canucks! Go Canucks Go!
  4. All we can hope for is that the Canucks show up, and fight for all it's worth. Should they keep up the pressure for a full 60 minutes, no reason they can't win this one. Go Canucks Go!
  5. Kass at the right place, at the right time, again... W000 (gimme a break, gotta run between fridge, tv, and computer... lol)
  6. I like Schroeder, don't get me wrong, but he's not cut out for the West. Sarich made him look like he was still in junior...
  7. I only hope they win tonight, as I don't have to work, and will be watching this one
  8. looks like Torts is having visions of 10-year old Stanley Cup rings in his head. It's time to play Markstrom for a few, and allow Eddie a chance to relax. Do the Canucks REALLY need to push for that wildcard slot? I have liked their play lately, but come on, it's time to step back and play spoiler, this season
  9. I think it's more that people have given up, and don't wish to waste their time. I have no clue how to, nor the time, so I never try lol
  10. Enough good to this game to be too upset with the result, at this point.
  11. I can't even remember the last 2-game winning streak... Was it even in 2014? Go Canucks Go!
  12. The lone bright spot to having CBC call tonight's game. Go Canucks Go!
  13. I'd like to know how playing at the international level will help the 7 Canucks going to Sochi... the absolute best scenario would have been for the management to pull them all to relax, and get ready for after the break... if any of the teams go far, those players won't be rested much, especially if it's Team Sweden, where both Edler and Daniel NEED this break...
  14. Have to work tonight, I don't even know if I should bother recording this one.... I have to work early in the morning, so I think I'll just check out the home page for the final mess, I mean, score
  15. I still believe, but it doesn't hurt to try to fix the problems
  16. Everyone keeps saying that Edler will be the Alex gone by trade deadline.... They've obviously not read the last name correctly...
  17. As of now, any point is better than no point, OT loss, or S/O loss, is fine. Just get this over with, and get back home. A win would be nice, but just get out of there without any injuries, please.
  18. Regardless of the outcome of the Pittsburgh game, Kassian showed up to play! Is this the same person from the beginning of the season? He was all over the place, responsibly, all night long. That goal was such a sweet backhand! At each stoppage of play around Fleury's crease, there he was, in the thick of things, making sure life wasn't so pretty. I've enjoyed this trade, and yes, I thought CoHo was going to be the 'next Linden'. I'm really happy that didn't happen now. thank you, OP, for a great post on one of our future stars!
  19. You're right, it wasn't an unimportant goal, but I remember feeling that the tide had turned in the US favour. That goal was against the grain, and granted, a lucky shot, but it counted. Home soil, and all that. Not knocking him, but he's the opposition tonight. Give em hell, boys!
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