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  1. I agree with you. I am hoping for 6.5 - 7 each on QH and EP, but I think it might get as high as 7.5 although I think EP will get slightly higher. I do think that we buy out LE this summer, I know it would be nice to just have Eriksson completely off the books as of end of next season, but I think they want him out of the way of younger players, completely. I think they will see the 2 million in extra cap space as something that can be better spent than on LE this next season and will look to either promote from within or look for other 3rd / 4th line improvements. Will
  2. We need cap space. After the coming season, the 1 million won't really matter as we're in good shape. This coming off season, 2 million in cap space buys a pretty good player.
  3. Hate to tell you this, but no one is buying out Beagle for a couple of reasons. #1, he’s been effective at shutting down the opposition power plays. #2, he’s on LTIR, and I’m hearing that it may be career ending. On the brighter side, expect them to buy out Eriksson this summer as it’s finally economical to do it from a cap basis.
  4. There was more going on that prompted this trade, than we will likely ever know.
  5. Canuck fans before realizing that a player has been acquired to meet exposure requirements in the upcoming expansion draft: Canuck fans after realizing that a player has been acquired to meet exposure requirements in the upcoming expansion draft:
  6. This was about having someone to expose on defense in the expansion draft. Needed one person who met requirements. Cheap protection, don't be surprised if we either package him in another trade or just park him in Utica for depth, after the expansion draft.
  7. For 1.75 Million, I wouldn't mind having Sutter back for another season or two. He's solid defensively and pretty good in our bottom 6.
  8. Well, after today, we have lots of space to slot him into. Let's get him on a plane ASAP and start that quarantine process.
  9. And, just like that, we have someone to expose on the expansion draft front who we don't mind losing!
  10. Creates an opening for one of our younger guys to slide into the spot and another contract spot to sign someone out of college etc.
  11. The voice of Reason...Seriously, I thought they crucified you on this board YEARS ago!!! I agree with your take on it. #1. This is a minor trade #2. The sky is NOT falling #3. Benning doesn't trade just for the sake of trading, if he's moving someone, there's a reason for it and he has a LOT more knowledge on players than anyone on this board, including me. #4. If we are at 19+ pages this fast for a really minor trade, this board is REAAAALLLY Bored! #5. See #1 and #2
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