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  1. This is awesome news! Won't be surprised if he's there for a couple of weeks, shaking the rust off.
  2. I'm not sure that Burke has ever been one to tap dance around offering his opinion
  3. I was going to post that as well, after reading the brief on the report. Sounds like the NHL will conduct one on one interviews with both of them before making a decision on their future.
  4. So, NHL has fined the 2 million: https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/nhl-fines-blackhawks-2m-response-sexual-misconduct-investigation/ I guess they didn't listen to my suggestion of revoking their franchise...
  5. Let's face it, based on what he did to Chicago this off season and their performance to start, he should have been fired, anyway!
  6. Really not surprised, he should have stepped down, even in interim, while the investigation was being carried out.
  7. I'm assuming that since Hamonic passed through waivers at the start of the season, that if he's in Vancouver and ready to start prepping, we can assign him to Abbotsford without even terming it as a short term conditioning stint. We could send him there for a couple of weeks or more, to get himself sharp again.
  8. More of a, hey...wouldn't it be fun if a huge sink hole opened up and just sucked their whole building down, kind of thread... I mean, is it wrong to enjoy another teams failure? And, while we're at it, is it wrong when you see a car in a parking lot with a Maple Leaf's bumper sticker, to sprinkle bread crumbs all over it and wait for the seagulls to show up???
  9. Not actually proposing anything that would fix them, just really enjoying them failing....again! 3 players earning collectively more than 32 million and they can barely score a goal between them. What do you think, trade each of them for a bag of pucks and start over? More of a commentary than a proposal, really. I guess I should have thought harder about the title....you know, like they should have thought about how much they were spending and that they can't win without some depth.....
  10. Podz will be back in the game, probably tomorrow night, now that they have some practice time with him again. Chiasson has been a really effective player for us. While it sucked losing Gadjovich for nothing, its also likely that they tried to trade him before waiving him, and EVERY team in the league, occasionally loses someone on waivers that they didn't want to. There wasn't specifically a spot for Gadjovich in the Canucks lineup as he's not suited to a 4th line game. Is what it is, he can be replaced.
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