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  1. Not that simple before free agency, which happens after the expansion draft.
  2. You are forgetting why Holtby is here. He meets our requirement of exposing a goalie in the expansion draft, and Seattle will most likely take him because he's the best overall player that we are exposing. Without Holtby here, I believe that we would be required to expose Demko!!!
  3. This trade, will not be straight up 9OA for Reinhart. That will be the backbone of a trade, but there will be other balancing that takes place. We need to send salary back and Buffalo will probably want another prospect in exchange. A deal that might work would be: To Buffalo 9OA, Gadjovich, Eriksson with 2 million retained To Vancouver, Reinhart, 4th round pick
  4. I would make the deal for Reinhart for our 9th OA, wouldn't even thing twice about it. There isn't a single player in the top 10 of this years draft, who is proven to be able to perform at a high level in the NHL. Reinhart is. If there's a deal to be made where they take back Loui and let him run out his contract, I'd be happy to throw them an additional pick, maybe a 3rd rounder, in next years draft.
  5. Does anyone know if Mad Mike Milbury is planning on coming out of retirement???? We could probably get a 1st for Loui if he does...
  6. Imagine if Vancouver was in a position where they may have to let a player like Hamilton walk for nothing. Look how everyone acted just from Hamhuis.
  7. Really hope someone gives him a chance to prove that he belongs in the NHL.
  8. If you look at our drafting history for the last few years, you could easily argue the following: Pettersson should have been the #1 pick in his draft year. Hughes would be a top 3 in a redraft Podkolzin is a top 3 guy in his draft class, if he wasn't committed to the KHL for another 2 seasons. Boeser is likely a top 3 guy in most draft classes, in his, he's probably pretty close to a top 5. Benning isn't perfect, but he's one of the best drafters out of all the GM's in the NHL.
  9. Like chewing gum, someone left him on the bedpost overnight!!!
  10. #1, why do we have another thread about buying out these guys. #2. Have you checked CapFriendly? We would only save $800,000 buying out Beagle, we would save more by sending him to the minors where we would gain $1,125,000 in cap relief. #3. We don't want to buy out Beagle, he's a really effective penalty killer for us and a fitness freak, which is a good thing to have around a young core. Further, its being speculated that he may not be able to continue playing next season and might need to stay on LTIR for the duration of his contract. #4. Roussel, you save $608,334 in cap sp
  11. Tampa should forfeit their first round pick this season and face a 5 million cap reduction for next 2 seasons
  12. No matter how this court case turns out, Jake is done here. The only thing the court case would decide is, whether the Canucks have firm grounds to dismiss his contract under the code of conduct clause. At this point, for his position with the Canucks, the outcome of this suit will have very little to do with his fate. He was at a hotel, during a team event. Based on the date, I would assume that this was likely training camp, as there's no real other reason for the team to be staying at a hotel in Vancouver, other than that. This was a team event, and Jake
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