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  1. Tonight is the night they come alive and figure out defense and offense. 4 - 0 Canucks, Pettersson with the hat trick.
  2. I think everyone needs to calm down and let them see if they can play their way out of this. We've had a difficult start with playing immediately on the road and starting without Miller, who gives us a definite edge. There's something not right with Pettersson right now, but its deeper than that. The whole team needs to have a team meeting and refocus and get themselves committed to playing team defense. This was always going to be a difficult year, and the schedule is not doing us any favors. All teams are going to go through rough patches and with no exhibition schedule, some will start faster than others.
  3. Late 80's, people used to wear bags on their heads at games. Was nuts. We have 2 main D out, and now Chatfield, is the one of our youth who seems to be the most defensively sound. Really weird, we all thought our D was so solid going into the season, but right now, we have allowed more goals against than any other team in the league. I think we need a few days of practice and systems play, but the frustrating part is, we're not going to get that until sometime in late March due to schedule. Not much we can do about it!
  4. I don't think I've seen the Canucks this bad defensively, since the late 80's. This is nuts!
  5. He was a good risk, based on his performance from the last couple of years of his career. It wasn't until he signed here that his performance really fell off. He had good chemistry in past with the Sedin's, a lot of GM's would have made that signing.
  6. So, just think. If Eriksson had just decided to retire instead of continuing to be a boat anchor, Toffoli would still be on the Canucks!
  7. So, unless one of them turns out to be cleared to play, its likely that we're going to see Canucks throw someone in a taxi and activate them from taxi, right before 5PM.
  8. Ultimately I'd be happy with any of them, I just figure Brisebois is the most experienced, although Rafferty is 25 years old.
  9. Do we know if anyone has been recalled from Taxi squad? I would think if Hamonic and Edler were both down, we'd need to call up one at least. I could be wrong, but I believe that Benn is currently unavailable and did actually test positive for COVID and can't rejoin until he tests negative at least 3 straight days. If this is the case, I would think that we need to call up at least one guy. Both Hamonic and Edler would leave us with 5 active for tonight. If we do need to recall, who gets tapped? Rathbone Brisebois Rafferty What do you think, guys, who would you want stepping in? As much as I would like to see how Rathbone and Rafferty can perform in the NHL, I think Brisebois is the only guy we have there with a few games of NHL experience. I think he would be the guy for me to see step in.
  10. Hamonic is a solid D, bu the hasn't really played in almost a year. I agree that he hasn't looked good so far, but the only way that you're going to get him fully up to speed, is to play him. Just keep him on 3rd pairing and reduced minutes for another 2 or 3 games and he should come around.