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  1. Does nothing for us, we are pretty solid down the left side, so unless you’re sending them Hughes or OEL, I can’t see Chychrun being happy playing 3rd pairing. I would say that Pods and a 2nd rounder would pull the trade off, and under no circumstances, would I trade Pods
  2. Klimovich won't see the NHL this year, there is no reason not to give him a full year in Abbotsford. Pods, I would send down for 2 or 3 games playing top 6.
  3. The fact that he was better than a point per game in the playoffs 2 years ago, plus he was the SHL MVP at 19, steering his team to the title, suggests that you are totally wrong. He missed most of training camp and the last 30 games of last year and has had minimal practice time with the team to start the season due to extended road trip. Relax, he'll pick it up soon, and no one in their right mind would trade for Eichel until he proves that he'll ever be able to play again. Buffalo would jump at that trade so fast it would make your head spin.
  4. Where do I get an Angry Elf bobble head? I think I really need one!!!
  5. Wow, we have an Angry Elf!!! Last real effective elf we had was Cliff Ronning, but he didn't have the edge to his game that Garland has, this kid is awesome!
  6. Why? We have a great team, but need work on some of our systems, which we haven't had time to do with 6 game road trip. Go root for someone better like Montre.....ohhhhh wait....
  7. Hope everyone is ready for us to struggle and not have a great start for the first 10 minutes after standing around for this ceremony.
  8. I would probably give Pods a couple of games in Abbotsford getting some top 6 minutes.
  9. Go away, voice of reason, we don't want to play with you...
  10. I agree on the coaching change, I don't think we're far away from seeing a couple of them. Chicago, possibly Montreal, although I really wonder if they clean sweep Montreal and get rid of Bergevin and then start retool from the top on down. Vegas is another that could see a clean sweep if they don't turn things around fast.
  11. Trade makes zero sense. Dallas hangs up the phone quickly
  12. Knew they were going to call a penalty. There's been a lot of questionable stuff that they could have called on Chicago, but haven't.
  13. Okay, 5 on 3....Time to get the PP working! 2 Goals...let's bury them!
  14. We've still got defensive issues in our game, but at least they are working out there tonight.
  15. You guys are all funny...we have one bad game and you're all playing follow the leader off a cliff like Lemmings....
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