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  1. And, Lockwood is joining the team, is in Vancouver now, quarantining. Is supposed to join the team in Vancouver on Saturday when they return. It was pretty crazy listening to broadcasters talking about how empty the Canucks prospect pool is a few games ago. It's not that the pool is empty, it's that they are all in Utica and not easy to access them without them going through quarantine. Looking forward to seeing some more of them play to close out the season.
  2. Miss seeing him here, but that contract is too much term and money for a flat cap. Time to move on.
  3. I would think that he will get one or two practices in with the team before being put in. I think tomorrow or Thursday.
  4. I'd keep Sutter one more year, if he's willing to sign for something around the 1.75 - 2 million per. He's been effective this year, mainly because he hasn't had as many injury issues.
  5. Recalled, he's on his way to Vancouver!
  6. He's not relied upon for offense much anymore, he plays more PK minutes than any of our other D, and you want him there, teaching Juolevi, how to properly do that role, for another year, if he still feels like he has another year in the tank. The only reason we didn't sign him for 3 last time was so that we wouldn't have to protect him in the Expansion draft. Who knows though, he may get to the end of this season and decide that he's had enough and is ready to retire.
  7. Considering the roles he's handed, I would say his stats say otherwise. However, you don't have to agree with me on that, but I think most fans believe that somewhere in that range on a 1 year deal, 2.5 - 3.5 million is far on both sides. He still books more minutes on penalty kill than any other defenseman on the Canucks and our PK is definitely not as good when he's not on the ice.
  8. Misread your post, as far as I'm aware, he expressed desire to return, and he did hold out a long time last year, waiting for the Canucks to clear space, but you are correct, there is nothing that proves that he specifically misrepresented his intentions or lied to the Canucks about it. It wasn't my original post about it though either.
  9. Not a realistic amount, and he's still a top 4 defense on at least 90% of the teams in the NHL. I believe that he would accept something in the 2.5 - 3.5 range, and for what he does and provides in leadership, he's worth it.
  10. How's this for evidence: https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/defenceman-nikita-tryamkin-signs-two-year-extension-stay-khl/ https://www.prohockeyrumors.com/2021/05/nikita-tryamkin-signs-two-year-extension-to-stay-in-khl.html https://dailyhive.com/vancouver/tryamkin-not-returning-to-canucks-re-signs-in-russia I can dig up about 10 more that carried the story as well if it helps. Sucks, but he's gone.
  11. I'm sure that he'll get the rest of the season for that, I mean, the league wouldn't set an unfair standard, would it? I mean, after letting Wilson off the other day with a gentle slap on the wrist???
  12. Posted this a couple of hours ago in the MacEwan thread. I didn't see knee on knee contact. Did anyone else catch it?
  13. If Edler is good to go for another season, another year of Juolevi, learning from Edler, is a good thing!
  14. He's scheduled for a hearing for Kneeing??? Anyone remember seeing this last night? https://www.tsn.ca/vancouver-canucks-f-zack-macewen-to-have-hearing-for-kneeing-edmonton-oilers-d-darnell-nurse-1.1636045
  15. If Edler wants to be back and do one more season, let him! He's still one of our top 4, and we definitely are better with him in the lineup. 1 year deals only though, around 2.5 - 3.5M per season.
  16. They always look so good until you put the Edmonton McDavid's out there with them.....
  17. Had mine yesterday. Still can't walk through or climb walls, and still definitely can't fly. Trust me, I checked!
  18. I would deliver the fine to the league in nickels and pennies in a big truck.
  19. The problem is, the league wants to be the one in control of punishment for on the ice plays. Then when they don't take action, they act surprised when the players or the teams speak out. The league is Passive Aggressive Either start really giving out punishment for guys like Wilson, or let other teams have a guy who's 6'8", can't skate, sits on the bench until he has to go grab Wilson or Marchand, or any of the other cheap shot artists in the league and push their teeth to the back of their heads. They can't have it both ways!
  20. Benning's hands were tied on selling off aging players, by all of them having NTC's and NMC's before he started the job. Its also surprising what you can do, when you are at the very top of the draft and able to grab a Kakko, or Lafreniere, in its 50 year history, NO Vancouver GM has ever been able to call the first overall pick. That makes a big difference. Benning will be here next season and completely good with that!
  21. No poor Jake on this, if he's guilty, he's likely done in the NHL. Regardless, the embarrassment this has caused to the Canucks, I will be shocked if he ever plays another game in a Canucks uniform. He wasn't tradeable before this happened, his contract with either be terminated under the ethical conduct clause in every NHL contract, or he will be bought out this summer.
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