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  1. lol true. Sheary wouldn't be playing so hard if uhhh Benning uhh you know
  2. been watching Sheary a lot this year and he's the type of winger you'd love to have. Drives to the net way bigger than he appears, wins most puck battles, and can produce offense. IMO this contract is a steal
  3. Both have reasons to take discount contracts so we'll see. Hamonic wants to stay in western Canada cuz of some family stuff in Manitoba and Edler has played here his whole career plus played major junior in BC; he purposely signed a two-year contract to be a ED protected in a different way. Both are also nearing retirement. Good that Benning gave himself some flexibility in who he exposes with all that in mind.
  4. A 5th vs a 4th in this COVID year hardly make a difference. This is a low stakes gamble on a player who has shown flashes and is in the mold that the Canucks could use- righthanded/right sided, 6'2/205 pounds, decent offensive #s. He has an extremely cheap year remaining on his contract and also gives Benning some flexibility around the expansion draft. Really not a loss
  5. Really wanted Benning to sign Bowey last off-season. At 700k this is a great low risk gamble, depth pick-up IMO. Right-handed, 6'2/205 points, 17 points in 53 games last year, former 2nd round pick, Kelowna Rockets alumni, former teammate of Holtby, Beagle, developed under Barry Trotz.
  6. with Highmore & Bowey Benning also gave himself more options re: the expansion draft as both have another year on their terms.
  7. Seems like a fair hockey deal. FLA gets a good playoff performer which watching this year is something that will definitely benefit them.
  8. lol he was a healthy scratch for a # of games against Minne & STL, he produced precisely 0 points in the 10 games he did play, had 4 whole shots on net, contributed little defensively, could rarely be trusted for 10+ mins a night, a whopping 2 takeaways. 18 hits... but where any actually noticeable? anyway, between that stat line and watching him play is what I would base my statement that no playoff team would want this guy in their top 6.
  9. Sorry If Gaudette is in your top 6 you'll never make it out the first round of the playoffs**
  10. Highmore plays a diff role. He's a winger, he's gritty, he brought something to his team in the playoffs, he overcame being passed over the draft due to his size to show that he could bring it at the pro levels and was a great AHL rookie. Has another year a 725k so he could be a cheap bottom sixer on a team which has a lot of money skewed to the bottom. Low risk decent reward. Plus, Gaudette not taking up any more ice team. Pce out Gauddy
  11. we don't need to be covid truthers to have observed Gaudette being a defensive liability with no grit and a terrible playoffs and start to this season looks more and more like his 33 points was a one-off
  12. i don't agree with critiques of the trade today but i agree with this assessment. Should've sold Gaudette while his value was running high. It's not like he'd help a team in a playoff run lol.
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