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  1. As much as I want to make fun of Berg for signing all the Quebecois - I also cheer whenever the Canucks sign solid players from BC. I do think there are benefits to hometown energy (sometimes downsides too, in exceptional cases like Jake Virtanen).
  2. Nah man he's a third line winger to start the year
  3. wow huge props to the person who made this
  4. why did Ken Holland go forth and make Edmonton's D so bad?

    1. Alflives


      Yup.  Holland really Soilered the bed this off season.  

  5. this interview is solid: https://www.sportsnet.ca/650/peoples-show/july-28-hour-2-jim-benning-and-luke-schenn-join-the-peoples-show/
  6. Abbotsford is such a good spot for the Canucks farm man. Gonna be able to get way more brief call-ups who actually get to do something even if they don't dress in a game, kinda wild that they've had farm teams in Utica and Chicago (pre-Manitoba) lately. This could be a big a blessing.
  7. From DELTA BC. Destroyed the WHL under Travis Green. Absolutely solid offensive stats in the AHL. Great depth/AHL signing. Very stoked
  8. Already took a pay cut to have a better chance to fit under the cap and make it. Damn. Hope he looks good enough to make the AHL with a call-up in the near future
  9. hellllll ya. A perfect depth signing to rebrand the Canucks after last year's soft performance. Stoked he wanted to come back. Got rid of all the toxic players and bringing in people who wanna be here. Gonna be a different team next year from last
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