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  1. If Green is gonna roll with Millsy at 3C then someone has to play LW and stop the bleeding on Pettersson's 27 percent FOW this year Strome would make the forward core incredibly deep All depends on what management actually knows about what will happen with that Hamonic money. Even if it's for the year and a playoff run they could trade his RFA rights in the summer if Hammer returns or w.e. Strome - Petey - Boeser Pearson - Horvat - Garland Hoglander - Miller - Podkolzin Highmore - Dickinson - Lammikko (until Motte is back) Canucks can either waive or give Chicago Chiasson
  2. Scratching Podz for Chiasson is a move of a desperate coach. If Green does that and they lose, I think the hot seat gets really hot.
  3. why is Nolan Baumgartner still behind the Canucks' bench?

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    2. CanuckleHorse


      Bring Cull and one of his assistants to be Smiths assistants :metal:

    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      good luck to the team, from top to bottom.

    4. TNucks1


      Green too baumer last year when he got extended -


  4. Not surprised at all but very glad to see he cleared. Gonna be a big asset to Abby
  5. Gonna be dishing beauties to new Canucks' snipeshow Klimovich
  6. If Green is fired, I think the most likely scenario is Benning will replace him with Shaw and some new assistants (maybe promoting his former colleague in Abbotsford, Gary Agnew and keeping Gustafsson), but who knows. Other candidates: Karl Taylor - was an assistant coach on the Texas Stars' run and then coached Milwaukee to a .714 last year - no calder was awarded last year sadly. Coaches a good two way team. Kind of reminds me of a poorman's Barry Trotz. Kind of feels like a veteran coach may be what the Canucks need right now though, so he may not be the best fit in that regard. Another Portland Winterhawks alumni. A couple of veteran head coaches available are Dan Bylsma (assistant in the AHL rn) and Bruce Boudreau (unemployed)...but neither to me really fit the team's needs. Maybe Bylsma to some degree but after the drama in Buffalo I doubt it's worth the risk. John Stevens might be interesting. His head coaching career is spotty - but he did lead Philly to the semis and has been an assistant on two cup winning teams. His son also plays for Abbotsford, and previously Utica. Gronberg has been mentioned a lot for vacancies. With the Swedish-Vancouver connection, and with Petey and OEL on the team Vancouver could be the place to give him a shot. I don't think Benning's in the place for a risk though considering his job is also on the hot seat. Best case scenario is Paul Maurice gets fired the day before Green and the Canucks swoop him up
  7. Perfect He'll likely make it down on waivers and Abby gets an AHL superstar. Once Hunt is also down there, they're going be a very deep team.
  8. Kommie is a UFA-to-be. 3M is too high, but I would prefer him to Chiasson replacing Motte on the 4th. Kind of think LouLam would rather bury him until the playoff rather than retain any salary tho. He's the type of bottom sixer you need in some playoff contexts.
  9. GADJOVICH WHO (sorry just trolling the Gadjwagon) Great positioning by Klim. Great to get the first goal out of the way so early for his confidence.
  10. OK. @mll i have to say that I'm extremely impressed by your CBA knowledge. Are you literally the CBA itself?
  11. Abbotsford's line-up looks sick, and Brad Hunt isn't even there yet
  12. Gotta believe that Hogs and Pods would be such an annoying line to play against. Hope BB and Motte come back ASAP. The Canucks forward depth will be great: Miller - Pete - BB Pearson - Bo - Garland Hogs - Dickie - Podz Highmore - Juho - Motte Chiasson
  13. would anyone be interested in a bets thread (like discussing money line, puck line, over/unders & props) ?

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    2. Teemu Selänne

      Teemu Selänne

      I only do hockey, but I went against Seattle - CBJ was good for me last game, and Vince Dunn is out with an injury. Did a Canucks moneyline as well as a -1 puckline for them.

    3. Teemu Selänne

      Teemu Selänne

      :towel: CBJ not letting me down

    4. Teemu Selänne

      Teemu Selänne

      @King Heffy taking the Kraken tonight (money line is 2.17 rn). Betting against Carter Hart was undervalued for me all season last year (and so far this year..).

  14. Highmore - Lammiko - Motte will be a good, high motor 4th line who will stay involved in games because they're also gonna be 3/4 of the PKers (plus Dickie). Juho doesn't have the FO or goal scoring ability that Sutts does but he brings other attributes, he seems faster at this point and seems to utilize his size to possess the puck better than Sutter does, even though they're about the same size. He's still an upgrade on last year's version of Jay Beagle IMHO. A couple of mistakes but he wasn't with the team during pre-season, so he's fit in pretty well considering.
  15. https://www.nhl.com/canucks/video/postgame--coach-green-at-flyers/t-277437438/c-9163808
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