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  1. I am looking forward to see if it tames Tkachuck a little.
  2. Best comment from Salo to the media after that: "The General is OK, but the Battalion is down."
  3. I was at that game. I think that own goal for his first cursed him
  4. Funny enough, he was listed as one of the worst players in the NHL this season. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/news/the-worst-players-in-the-nhl-this-season/ss-BBVoAj7#image=3
  5. To me this means they think no playoffs and running with youth. Especially if Hughes comes
  6. The only thing that would make this trade sweeter, is if we called up Dahlen in place of Goldy (since he is taking notes....) and Dahlen pots a few to rub it in
  7. Go to someone like Speedy glass, they use selenium oxide. It is power, but you spray the window with Windex, sprinkle some on top and scrub away. I actually bought some from them (wasn't cheap), but it takes off everything. I had a weird haze on the windshield and this took it right off.
  8. Disappointing, I was really pulling for Booth and he really started to pick it up last season.
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