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  1. we should harsh bring back the bollywood movie crap to the white noise forum

  2. I honestly thought this was two chicks dancing until I scrolled down and saw the somewhat less feminine pictures. Decent g/f tho, I'd PIITB.
  3. Damn yur sister's pretty hot. You look like Luongo here.
  4. What kind of job do you have that you can sit there and post this frequently?
  5. Thanks TDW and Arctic, the problem was that it had this advertisement on the right that would be for mobile mini or some sh*t so I never had the choice to sync, but all I had to do was click "Not Now" to go on to the synchronize screen. Wasted a good 3 hours there, lol.
  6. Hopefully this will help: Where do I click? Appreciate the help.
  7. K, I'm at the applications page on itunes and there is all my icons of downloaded applications that I intend on transferring. But I see no sign of the box "sync applications" anywhere.
  8. I don't have an applications tab on my ipod, and if you mean the applications tab on the itunes software I don't see where I can "sync"....
  9. Anyone have any experience with Itunes applications and putting them on your itouch. I'm confused as f*ck right now, just got this gadget and I'm trying to figure sh*t out. I downloaded like 10 or so free apps from the itunes store and now they show up on my itunes page on my PC but I have no way of transferring them to the ipod. I can't drag and drop them or anything, anyone know what to do? Thanks.
  10. lol i think we dropped him a 5.

  11. your sig is fukkin hilarious too, and that bum there in vegas. did u give him any money? lol I'll be putting that classic sig up after this one get's it's share of use, don't worry.

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