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  1. your sig is fukkin hilarious too, and that bum there in vegas. did u give him any money? lol I'll be putting that classic sig up after this one get's it's share of use, don't worry.

  2. Send link to full size of image of that chick in your avatar please. Potential fap material.

  3. Tell markus I said hi.

  4. Back from your banning? haha

  5. You telling me that is not a girl?

  6. We at cdc want to know if your sh*t is used or not.

  7. Hows yur car working out for you? did you end up getting one of those cheap ones you were talking about?

  8. That's gay, I call people idiots on here everyday and don't get banned.

  9. Snazzle McDazzle so thats one long message! Why did you get banned jordan?

  10. To see if your a sexy gay man who likes women.....

  11. Is ENuck a chick?

  12. Nassy sucks, grabner isn't amounting to jack.

  13. I wonder if there is a 20K post club?

  14. Gretzky really said that?

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