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  1. i always liked Gus Adams' Leaf killing goal in 94 as number two behind Bures goal. it also sent us to the final.
  2. They need to stay out of the box
  3. Keep your eye on the bouncing ball
  4. Flakey corporate crowd
  5. Got a feeling Juice is going to have a big game
  6. nucklehead

    2011 WCF

    On sportsnet now. Is there a thread? Burrows just scored 1-0. BTW

    A force with the Blazers from 84-87 set a lot of records etc

  8. You must be old Blazers fan?

  9. I added you because you are in Rockhampton and were posting in the middle of the flooding. I was wondering how things are now. Hope it's improving.

  10. That bug is sweet! send me the link to that!!

  11. I thought that bug was on my screen you basdart!

  12. I had to change my pants, the game was just that awesome.