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  1. So how do you feel about the Canucks and the NHL barring you from attending games? You a tax paying law abiding citizen of this country with the a birthright to move freely, to come and to go and to attend to your life and your business as your needs require and is your right. And given that it’s documented and accepted that both unvaxxed and vaxxed can spread the virus. This is nothing but discrimination, segregation and persecution. I am finding it not possible at this point to continue to support this club or any business or organization that supports, quite frankly, bigotry. I have followed and been of fan since virtually day one so this is a sad day. Unless and until this club reverses its decision on this issue I, for one, can no longer support it. There exists this idea that somehow people are safer with unvaxxed people not in their midst. That is false. I just don’t know how a person can feel good about themselves walking into a venue where others are denied based on their personal medical choice. So, yeah, unfortunately it’s bigotry. Textbook. And I’m just pointing it out so everyone knows, and hopefully fights against it.
  2. Airplane passenger opens emergency exit, walks on plane's wing as flight arrives in Miami (msn.com)
  3. you can see on the bure goal against st. louis, one more reason keenan hated linden
  4. these are the kinds of people that need to be weeded out of the internet for hate speech. but that's about it
  5. so they're still stuck on this idea that the problem is with the coaching staff?. Alrighty then
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