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  1. I've received my first dose. Does anyone know the procedure for scheduling the second dose which I understand will be 3 months from the first one? Will I be contacted by someone, or will I have to register for it on-line, or phone the site's phone number like I did for the first dose?
  2. The real question should be "Are you pro-science or anti-science?"
  3. The fact that covid-19 is not as virulent as sars is why it is so dangerous. Asymptomatic people and people with mild to moderate symptoms thinking they have just a cold or the normal flu aren't tested, and are walking around in our communities unknowingly giving it to other people. These make up the majority of the infected.
  4. As another poster said, it's not the smoke but what's in it. Burning tobacco releases chemicals that can cause cancer. Those chemicals aren't present in pot. Oh, and I don't smoke pot, but I do research from reputable sites which is why I know that smoking pot doesn't cause cancer.
  5. There is zero evidence of any kind that indicates smoking marijuana causes cancer.
  6. Pettersson had his sophomore slump in the last third of his first year. Fatigue with the long season must have played a role, but the league waking up to his threat and playing him tighter was also a big factor. Petey will have to adapt to the tight checking. How well he adapts will determine whether he becomes a superstar or not.
  7. Get more oil flowing please. I'll be dead before the climate makes life impossible for most humans, so what do I care. (sarcasm*)
  8. I disagree. He's too fast and too elusive.
  9. I believe it starts at 4:30, not 5:00.
  10. I'm trying to understand why various official sites that post mock drafts tend to see Tkachuk as a top 5 pick whereas many posters at the hockey forums seem to feel that he shouldn't be picked until somewhere near 10 or so? He looked like a top 5 pick at the U20s but in college only 8 goals, and people watching him say he is not noticable in many of his games. It will be interesting where Bob Mac's final list has Tkachuk. If Canucks pick at 7, I predict he will be gone, which will be a relief to me because I don't want to experience missing out on yet another Tkachuk that turns o
  11. Aflives, it's not Dhalen. It's DAHLEN, which is the spelling that appears in the post above yours.
  12. So, 5'11, 170lbs at age 17 is tiny? Not in my world.
  13. At the beginning of the previous season, Pittsburgh was the 27th heaviest team in the league (I just looked it up), meaning they were lighter than the average team.
  14. Jake could turn it around next year, but his current trajectory does not suggest he is likely to do so. That's what I am talking about. And if you think I am the only hockey fan on Hockey's future league wide boards that would at this moment take a prospect like Lind or Gaudette over Jake, you would be wrong, In fact, many would make the same choice as I would. This is my opinion. You are free to yours. This is my last post on this topic.
  15. So I see Virtanen being listed at about number 7 on most lists. Those posters that see him there could be right, but I bet if you asked people from various other boards to list the top 10 prospects for the Canucks, almost none of them would have Jake in the top ten. He is widely used as an example of a big, fast player who is a bust because of low hockey IQ in posts not about Jake. Next year should make it clear who is right, and yes it is too early to call him a bust. But I have to say that at this point in time I would rather hang on to prospects such as Gaudette, Lind and Gadj
  16. We should be happy Pettersson is only 165 pounds. Add even 15 pounds to his weight, and I doubt he would have been available at 5. The good news is his weight is on an upwards trajectory since he says he's gained 10 or 12 pounds over the previous year. When I read about him, it sounds like his skill level and hockey IQ is up there with Hischier and Patrick. I'm looking forward to following him over the next 2 years. After that, I wouldn't be surprised to see him playing for the Canucks.
  17. He's not 150 pounds. He was 164 at the combine.
  18. Actually, we need a #1C, something unlikely available at our pick. But a strong 2C along with Horvat wouldn't be a bad thing to have.
  19. It was this kind of thinking led us to missing out on Nylander and Ehlers. When picking high in the first round, skill and high hockey IQ is what you are looking for.
  20. If Mittlestadt didn't choose to do poorly in the press and pullups in order to hopefully fall somewhat in the draft to a better team, then he either lacks self-discipline or he made an error in judgment. The error in judgment would be failing to understand that it is best to avoid looking feeble in front of the staff of the 31 teams you hope to be employed by in the future. If it could be determined that Mittlestadt has shown great effort over time in his pursuit of hockey relevant skills, then I could reject a lack of discipline as the reason for his poor performance at the combine. And po
  21. If Virtanen's very low level of production continues throughout the next season (presumably in the AHL), by the end of that season I believe it will be accurate to label him a bust. Over the summer, I hope he figures out how to diversify his game so that his strengths begin to translate to the pro game. And that he arrives at camp extremely fit and determined. Come on, Jake. Show all the people on non-Canuck forums who have already labelled you a bust that they jumped the gun.
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