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  1. Really enjoying that Hut.ca is good for a 100% rip every few months. Add at 4-4.5 sell at 8-8.5
  2. Would you describe it as similar to after you squat for the first time after a break, and the hamstrings are super sore to touch but it's not necessarily pain?
  3. @Dazzle Based on reading a few sentences on a message board and knowing nothing about your history or presentation, sounds like it could be likely 1 of 3 things. 1. Heel strike or toe strike versus a mid foot strike. Have a friend or your phone film you running about 20 paces. See where you make first contact. It could be a simple biomechanical fix by adjusting your foot strike which will reduce or eliminate repetitive trauma (ie. repetitive excessive stretches) with every step to the likely tight, weak ankle stabilizers, calves and even up to the popliteus and distal TFL. 2. Similar to above, but assessing the other end of the leg. Piriformis syndrome or even just piriformis tightening is very common when someone takes up running after some time off, and can change your hip positioning, which will alter your mechanics all the way down to your ankle and circling back to impairing your foot strike and ankle positioning. 3. Could be as simple as calf strains (similar to how your legs hurt a lot after squatting for the first time after a break) and over time as you stay consistent with the running the tissues will be able to meet the demands. I don't think it's anything related to compartment syndrome.
  4. Happy Lucid day. Excited to see where my $12 average shares are at when I retire
  5. I had intraday stop losses at about 7% that didn't trigger. I expect volatility in WISH so I didn't use any as I'm happy with my position size. I have a core CCIV position with an average in the $11's in my long term retirement account with my portfolio manager, and then have traded it frequently in my Questrade. I rode a large chunk for $11 to $61, but didn't sell it all and had to sell the rest at $42 the following morning. Re-bought at $17 and sold at $28. rebought at $21 that I'm still holding but I've brought my average down to about $16 by selling weekly and monthly covered calls against the position.
  6. STEM has been a beast, the $20 adds were so clutch. Same with NIO at 33. WISH is crushing it as well from $10 adds. PLTR coming back to life as well. Took UPST the other day at $120. And of course my babe CCIV. March and April sucked and that's when I think a lot of the regulars in this thread disappeared, but other than those 2 months I have secured several multi baggers. The one bag I'm still holding and waiting for it to recover however is ARVL ($18 average)
  7. Is there a better feeling than selling covered calls against a position on a green day and then its down 20% the next day? Get to keep the premium and the shares
  8. On an insane heater. Cash reserve building up as I keep cashing out of these runners but not wanting to buy anything yet until pullbacks. May and June finally making up for March and April
  9. 8 trading days finishing green in the daily p/l Suspicious....
  10. Was nice to see VERY find a sold bottom around 3.35-3.40 area last week. Added a ton (average up) more shares at 3.48 to my long holding.
  11. Couple big green days in a row for the swing portfolio. Stocking up NIO in the 33s.
  12. Really liked our draft. Mac Jones is a great fit for our system and in no hurry to be a day 1 starter. Barmore was the best DT available in the draft, and it was way too easy to run on us last year. Ronnie Perkins could be a steal in round 3 as his stock fell due to being suspended for the first half of the covid season. Just from what scouts are saying, as well as Sooners fans, he's got a motor that doesn't stop and can be a hybrid edge rusher who is agile enough to also do basic coverage drops. The rest of the picks are just depth pieces, but really love our first 2 picks, and Perkins being an intriguing prospect.
  13. Dang, where'd you get the 1-2 years of data on long term effects of covid and its variants to be comfortable with getting it? Share the deets man!
  14. Have a girl friend who can give you a similar story. I believe this.
  15. My thoughts on Mac (who I predicted in early January should be the Patriots target at 15 and would be a year 1 back up) can be summed up as: Nick Saban and BB are best friends. Saban over the last 2 months during his many off the record conversations with Belichick would've told Belichick to stay away if he didn't think Jones would succeed in a similar environment in NE. I like the pick and I like the player, and don't expect to see anything out of him until 2022 barring an injury.
  16. Nice. Didn’t think he’d be there at 15. Bears have now paid what 9 picks to draft 2 QBs?
  17. From what I've read around online, sounds like Eagles need a stud O lineman
  18. Unfortunately NFL.com's simulator doesn't allow for trades.
  19. Picked up $21.50 Fubo calls expiring 4 days after earnings. Hoping for a SKLZ type run
  20. Trading portfolio finished 5+% green 3 days in a row. Naturally I expect next week to be a bloodbath and completely erase this weeks gains. However, massive buys on the SPY at close so who knows.
  21. People liquidating to buy Doge, Safemoon, asscoin, poocoin, and cumrocket coin
  22. I for one appreciated the dip to pick up some calls at strike prices certain stocks were at literally 30 minutes prior.
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