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  1. No thanks, Green will probably bench Podz to make room for another AHL tweener.
  2. He's not a generational talent like crosby or mcdavid thats for sure. Is he a fully developped legit #1 centerman, no, but he has the potential to be and has shown that's he progressing well in that role. I'm not overly concerned about the slow start on the road after he was injured last season and missed training camp.
  3. The worst part is he might have to fire Green a month into the season and then pay for 2 coaches for another 2 years. If he didn't see this coming I don't know how he made all those millions as a businessman in the first place smh.
  4. Poor Quebec, they will lose every little bit of hope they have left if that happens.
  5. Not sure if it's because I've seen this play so many time without too much punishment (*cough* Raymond-Boychuk), but I honestly think that was a harsh suspension, based on past decisions. Like I said with the McIllrath hit, I hope the NHL is consistent and continue to hand down these kind of suspension going forward, but on the other hand, this is the start of the season and the tough line usually soften as the season goes on. 2 games in October aren't has precious as 2 games in March/April or playoff time, where these plays usually labelled as "playoff hockey". I'm all for harsher suspension, but it's just a matter of time until a savage cross-check to the face only gets a fine. Which IMO is probably one of the worst, premediated, non-hockey assault there is and yet is often overlooked
  6. Not sure, but if Arizona wins before any other Canadian teams, that'll be the day I stop watching hockey.
  7. Can someone explain it to me? His contract is on LTIR, so what would be the cap benefit for the Hawks in doing this? Isn't exempt from cap calculation already?
  8. That's exactly what I thought, similar offense but not close as far as being two-way player.
  9. Nice deal for both side I think. I like Suzuki but personally, dont really see him as a true 1C with perenial PPG potential. IMO he would be a premium 2C.
  10. So Ottawa trades the best player and get the worst return of all 3 teams. Makes sense. Johansen is as untradeable as Erikson if not worst.
  11. Per TSN Puzzling development. Been a weird off-season. First we learned he wasn't going to be protected. Then suddenly had a knee injury that might make him miss a part of the season. Afterward was going to be ready to the start, until training camp when they said he would most likely not be ready. And now this.
  12. Said yes, but also has to be careful. I'm sure 5-6 years ago, everyone would have given up the 1st to acquire Madison Bowey, who apparently was an up and coming RHD. Look how that turned out. At the same time, no team is going to give a good young RHD for a possible middle of the pack 1st, unless it's a team unloading like the Coyotes, but that trade would happens before the next draft, not during the season.
  13. Then I don't think they were trying to hide him. They simply realized early he wasn't going to make the team and honestly couldn't care less if they lose him. That's twice they've exposed him, to Seattle and now through waivers. They must not have much plan for him. A real way to try and sneak him through waivers would have been the day right before the regular season starts. That way most teams already have their roster set and won't be able to "try" him out, they want him they have to put in on the roster after everyone else battle it out throughout the camp (can't be a popular move when a team does that). Now a team that wants to give him a shot can actually work him out a few days and maybe sneak in one more pre-season game before deciding if they want to keep him up or put him on waivers again.
  14. Of the two interpretation, the first one makes more sense to me. If the guy is good enough and we are worried of losing him, why "try" to sneak him on waivers. Let's just make a spot for him. Highly doubt that was the reasoning for Markstrom as well. Not a lot of teams will go with an unproven backup in their line-up. Every team has their duo setup ahead of camp and almost every team has a young guys who needs mileage in the AHL. Therefore, I don't think there was a real worry that Markstrom would have been snatched to play limited minutes in the NHL. IMO that's reading into it way too much.
  15. Wait a minute... Where is the EP and QH blockbuster proposal?
  16. Forgot about them. But it's Arizona, I'm sure they are going to find a way to mess up their tank mode.
  17. Part of the game, happens to every teams and good player/character too. In the end it'll all get done and everyone will be happy. I believe this year is probably a hard one to negotiate. I think the "Covid" effect on salary freeze was last year. GMs (including JB) are probably banking on getting better deal this year because of it, but agents are probably arguing that it's in the past and the reversal has started. But when guys like Jones, Nurse and Werenski signs crazy deals, can't blame their agents for aiming higher.
  18. Should they just pick Shane Wright immediately? or Buffalo will be greedy and want another one.
  19. Agree that the player put himself in a vulnerable position. I think McIlrath could've laid off, he knew the guy was poking at the puck and not really in full control. The hit a bit late and for that he deserved punishment, but I believe the hit to the head part there has to be responsibility on the player putting himself in that position also. I don't mind the suspension, but I hope they will be consistent all year. IMO after seeing this, if every hit to the head isn't an automatic 2 games suspension from now on, then there is something I don't understand.
  20. Graves and Severson are two good defenseman, but they don't have Hughes' ceiling and abilities. Does that make us deeper on the backend, yes, but right now we don't necessarily need depth, we need better defenseman in our top 3. This proposal doesn't address this, in fact, we lose a top 2/3 defenseman to add two solid top 4. Also, I'm curious to see how Graves numbers will be affected leaving Colorado to NJ. These two teams are not on the same level. I'm not sure he will have the same impact he had in Colorado. They didn't let him go for nothing, I don't think it was only a money decision. If they didn't think he was expendable, they would have find a way to keep him. The NJ pick could be nice, but again, it's so far away and could be a middle of the pack pick that won't really help us anytime soon.
  21. Honestly, Chychrun and Hughes would make an awesome pair. But on their own, neither is real #1. They are both great #2, with their own strenght and weakness. But the difference between Hischier and Pettersson clearly outweights the difference between Hughes and Chychrun, plus we add more asset. Therefore, hard pass for me.
  22. His career fell off a cliff in a hurry. I remember a few years ago when Anaheim supposedly had too many good defenseman Fowler, Lindholm, Vatanen, Montour, Manson....and a certain Shea Theodore. Ironically, they let the best one go.
  23. The true issue with our defense is, none of our RHD can handle 1st pair minute all-season long. Myers can handle it in a couple games or during a couple of weeks but will look inconsistent throughout the season if he plays lots of minutes. So I think, they are going to need to rotate that top pairing, all-season long, keep everyone fresh. The true value of a #1 defenseman, is not only what he bring on the ice, it's that everyone else behind him is in the right chair. Myers, Hamonic can easily handle top 4 minutes behind the 1st pairing. It's when you ask them to play 22+ minutes consistently that gets them in trouble. So this is going to be our challenge this year. Green will need resist the urge to always put Myers and Hamonic on the ice and trust all three pairs and distribute the ice-time more than he would like too. It might cost a few games here and there but I think overall the consistency will be better.
  24. WoW, if that was a hard négociations and it ended at 9, what was he asking?? 10-11? Who does he thinks he his, Mcdavid? hope EP values the Tampa Bay models. Yes taxes are a factor, but it’s more than that also.
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