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  1. I just do not think he can handle the pressure of wearing a C while being a starting goaltender in a city like Vancouver. ...And yet Canucks management seem to think he can Have you been in the dressing room yourself and heard whatever advices Luongo was giving to his team? ...Have you ever been in the dressing room and listened to Luongo talking to his team? it SOUNDS like he is blaming everyone but himself, when it is actually a fair statement, but when a goaltender says those kinds of words, the media always seems to twist it and turn it into a negative, something the team shouldn't have to deal with on top of the crazy media in Vancouver. ...You believe that Luongo should not be captain due to the fact that when he calls out his team, that the media might take it the wrong way? Who do I think the Canucks should give the C to? I really believe that Kesler is the front man for the job. ...You believe Kesler should be the man for the job? You have spoken with the coaches and players about this obviously...done some interviewing? Because you know MG and AV chose him on a whim... By that rationale, you shouldn't be allowed to write for CDC anymore because: A ) I don't think you can handle the pressure of writing as you obviously have other duties to attend to during the day - I'm sure it would wear you down over a period of time - I'm not questioning your talent, just your ability to do more than one thing. B ) When someone reads your article, they may take something you write the wrong way and may see the Canucks in a negative light. People have a tendancy to twist words, we wouldn't want that to happen to you C ) There are other quality candidates who deserve a shot at blogging here. Sounds weak doesn't it? But that is the same argument you are using against Luongo here. You praise Lu for being one of the best in the league, but question his work ethic? All of the qualities you wrote about Kesler, aren't they the same reasons that Lu is the captain? /rant
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