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  1. Cancelling cable at end of month tempted to order PPV tomorrow while I still have it (hint, hint)
  2. How far have you gone.... ....and 'your mom' jokes on first page Well done CDC
  3. Finally started playing at age of 45. Real life began then Led team in scoring a few times. Captain and starting centre Loved by all Suck it, Messier
  4. Not just Fox All media outlets are going to miss him. Unless they just keep following him anyway. Which means we all lose.
  5. Speaking fees are obvious. As would be a new book. I was more thinking a new version of Apprentice or some nonsense in that vein (should be vain for this jerk).
  6. Beginning to think Trump has just moved on to pumping up his own name 'building his brand' for income streams after January
  7. I recommend pirating from you library
  8. Just joined the club Official cut at end of month Shaw tried hard to keep me but they could only offer me things I don't use. Offered me full cable at a great deal after I told them I don't watch cable other than NHL and NFL. Both of which I can get on an app.
  9. And there are so many varying degrees of health that you can go after - strength - endurance - nutrition - sleep - mobility - agility - flexibility - quickness - mental adaptability ...... Chasing health is never ending and always invigorating. I say it's like wisdom. It's not a destination, it's a journey. And here I am chained to a desk this
  10. I got 22 years to catch up to him! Squatted 205 on Sunday. Work kicking crap out of me during the week so feel like I will be taking a step back again.
  11. I can see why dates are being pushed back. Until borders open up it will be difficult to operate a reasonable schedule.