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  1. Is that what you call a hard sell?
  2. Can you get tested for antibodies? Just wondering if there is a way if you can confirm if you actually had it.
  3. I would always (talking pre pandemic) tell my staff to stay home if they are sick. That way they don't give it to me!
  4. Hmmmm I have wanted Christmas cancelled for awhile now
  5. Or cancer from exposure to more chemicals?
  6. I want to find masks with Vader, Bane and/or Joker prints on them (Boba Fett, Stormtrooper.........you get the idea lol)
  7. OK AR26, I temporarily like you Great goal today!
  8. I will happily wear a mask But I'm not bloody well putting my pants back on!
  9. I hope the government doesn't do that to you. Because you might not be able to breathe via breathing.
  10. I barter sheep, pie and wood carvings
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