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  1. Agreed. It's just a reminder that we are going to be paying for this pandemic for a very long time.
  2. Is that what you call a hard sell?
  3. The Mandalorian Good fun as it should be Baby Yoda better not age at all, they love milking the 'cute' shots
  4. Actually read that before the walk back. So they were part way there before totally trying to un&^@# the situation. But you can never un&^@# a situation.
  5. https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/whole-foods-walks-back-poppy-ban-after-public-outcry-1.1518673
  6. ugh, my two favourites are head to head in first round! Matchup three should just be burned. Other than remembering Ohlund in those sweaters.
  7. Social Dilemma Can't say I really learned anything. Just nice to see people within the industry admit to this stuff. I really didn't care for the dramatization. Cringey and unnecessary. I don't want to hold the companies 100% liable. People need to understand their own behaviours and be accountable to themselves. So put the &^@#ing phones down!
  8. Can you get tested for antibodies? Just wondering if there is a way if you can confirm if you actually had it.
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