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  1. I want to be your buddy aGENT. . . . . oh, **** the Flames. Ah, I feel so much better for saying that.
  2. Think the biggest deterrent in Seattle claiming him is his actual cash salary next season. True, their owners have tons of money but still, businessmen are businessmen. That's a heck of alot of money for a nothing special backup goalie.
  3. The first one isn't that important as that is more dependant on the team imho (and we're having a rough year for alot of legitimate reasons). But yeah, even ignoring that one stat, the other ones ain't too flattering.
  4. or just dress 7 defensemen. Like we'd really notice one less fringe NHLer up front.
  5. Yeah I give it to Benning if I don't like a particular transaction but this guy was a waiver pickup. Cost us nothing (well other than some cash) in terms of assets. No big deal if he doesn't work out. Just don't give him a 'qualifying offer' and he gets to try playing for another team when this season is done. Zero risk move.
  6. To be expected when Aquilini cut back on the Slim Jim's to the players.
  7. Let them get more shots on net (just don't let them score). Pump up the save percentage of Holtby.
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