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  1. I dunno. IMHO, this kind of makes him more "likeable" in that who wasn't this happen to themselves before? Makes him more "human". Or maybe I'm out to lunch (as usual). edit: I suppose this would've been more relevant in a UK thread heh.
  2. This is what inbreeding results in. Edit: Posted on another board: "Note the idiot on the right who's wearing a t-shirt that reads "It's a Simcox thing"From wiki:"Chris Simcox (born 1961) is the American co-founder of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC), the project's main spokesperson, and a convicted sex offender. In June 2016, Simcox was convicted of child sexual abuse and is serving a 19.5-year sentence."These are the same people who think that all Democrats are pedophiles."
  3. They'll probably make the playoffs as an offensively gifted team has a good chance to achieve that. But like in prior years, their blueline will fail them (early round exit). Wild card I think is *our* blueline. If they gel, we can surprise alot of teams. If they don't, it's going to be a long year for Demko.
  4. A probable cheaper and just as good (considering Holtby was hot garbage) as Holtby. Benning is on a roll this off-season!
  5. I get worried when Jim Benning goes in big via free agency. It's how we got Loui Eriksson in the first place.
  6. Time for Edler to move on but please don't lump him in with the rest of the trash.
  7. Because he's not our player anymore...Because he's the player the Canucks deserves, but not the one it needs right now, so we'll let him go entertain free agency. Because he can take it, because he's not a full-time NHLer. He's a cheap depth player, a fill-in in case of emergencies, a Black Ace.
  8. I doubt it was ever a serious option without serious salary retention (to the point it defeats the purpose of dealing him from the Canucks POV). At this at this point in the season (off-season). Near the trade deadline, there might be some interest in him as insurance.
  9. Holtby is history now. Even a guilty man is only punished once.
  10. Wonder what Halak is looking for. Might be a good (and hopefully cheap) backup goalie. He's seen better days but if cheap, who cares if that means we can afford another defenseman.
  11. IMHO, he's not one of the worst backup goalies but still pretty mediocre. That in itself wouldn't be bad if he didn't come with a 4+ million cap hit (his $5.5+ million salary less so). You sign a depth defensemen (important for a long NHL season) and a cheap backup goalie who will be comparable to a goalie putting up subpar 0.900 save percentage.
  12. Sign an inferior (though the way Holtby played, it wouldn't be that much a downgrade) on a cheap contract. Spend the difference on a depth defenseman (and/or re-sign Hamonic). Team will be better off overall (as that depth guy would be used or be able to be used when the future Vezina candidate Demko is in net for the clear majority of the starts).
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