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  1. I don’t think so. At least not for the Habs job. He’s not from the ‘right province’. Some, like Bob Gainey was an exception to that given his Cup winning history with the club as an elite defensive winger (and of course one time Captain of the Habs). You think the media are tough here? Nothing like how tough it is over in Quebec.
  2. I have been on Loui’s case as much as anyone however I seriously doubt he’s ’dogging it’. Like all professional athletes, they jump the shark eventually. For some, that happens quickly. Look how Hansen’s game fell off the cliff so rapidly. This is the danger of handing out such a long term big money contract at the age Loui was.
  3. The last two head coaches hired by Jim Benning certainly hasn't change that stagnancy. Two good head coaches for the Comets but don't look to be NHL material.
  4. Jets didn't need any help though. Can have a poorly officiated game *AND* not have likely effect the outcome of the game.
  5. Hasn't been really one for a few years now though. Granted he was Vezina type candidate at his peak.
  6. On a *REMOTELY* related point... (in times like this, best to laugh rather than get angry)
  7. Nah. Just one that has some noticeable holes. *CAN* be fixed (doesn't require a wholesale change).
  8. That's his cap hit. He's actually making $5.7 million *cash* then. Bargain basement backup indeed.
  9. As a dumbazz myself, I'm insulted you think that person is at my level.
  10. I'm predicting Dr. Crossbar somehow getting to the ice & streaking. Jets get all confused where Schmidt just taps it into the net.
  11. Gradin, by whatever rumored story you wish to believe, found out about him before anybody outside of THE Detroit amateur scout knew anything about him. Edler was playing in a beer league type of hockey organization. Detroit was going to pick him later in the draft but Gradin got the jump on the & persuaded our GM to draft him. Nowadays, there aren’t as many ‘secrets’ or unknown talents. As for offering a 2nd round pick to Seattle to grab Eriksson, they’d laugh at the offer and hang up the phone.