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  1. YouTube. 4Chan. Etc., What more do you want?
  2. Just say "National Energy Program" three times & he'll appear.
  3. You've got bat**** beliefs? No problem! We'll hire you! What could go wrong having far right wingnuts with a license to kill? Signed Robbie Zepp.
  4. Shaw wasn't made the coach of the blueline. That job is still Baumers.
  5. I actually just want to know what the main account CDC of this poster is.
  6. From the video game "Red Alert". Before EA removed Westwood Studios from existance. Don't think there's any actual proof he said that line but it certainly doesn't it would be out of character for that evil man.
  7. Gillis had two free reset buttons (buyouts with no cap consequences), an option Benning never had. Enables GM to take more risk on contracts (assuming you have an owner like ours who isn't afraid to spend money).
  8. As been likely said, you'd think they would've figured out some 'foolproof' way of recreating the use of such weapons in movies by now.
  9. Check out some of the replies to that tweet. re: what the movie industry considers a "live" round.
  10. But Robbie Zepp says "But Hunter Biden's laptop!" "Facts don't care about your feelings" Joseph
  11. Florida's blue line is much deeper. If OJ had problems cracking the Canucks lineup, he'll have his work cut out for him in Florida. But I wish him all the best luck (much of his lack of development were due to reasons beyond his control), so as long as it is not against our team.
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