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  1. The realist I can handle.

  2. Yes, yes it is weird, the admins can't figure it out either.

  3. I am unable to remove it for some reason, there is probably a glitch that won't let me edit it.

  4. Because I honestly thought that Cody would be taken with the first 6 or 7 picks. That and that list was complied when our draft pick was around the 12-15 range and I haven't been able to delete that list yet.

  5. The goalie in my sig is actually Wade Flahrety, who played for the Manitoba Moose while on a two way contract with Vancouver. I just liked his mask.

  6. Did I say brace yourself somewhere?

    Short memory.

  7. Makes me realize that I spend too much time online.

  8. Care to elaborate?

  9. Yep, he had about 11 accounts too with the same IP.

  10. I don't take kindly to rebels.

  11. Well theres lots of threads that need to be locked!

  12. Yeah, I was just doing what needed to be done/said.

  13. Thank you.

    What for this time?

  14. I sometimes get carried away.

  15. ZOMG k0PTAr1!sin-1 Gulz.

  16. I live a completely normal life.

  17. Thanks for the comment, I got completely flooded just minutes after I made that post.

  18. I prefer friendfrigates.

  19. This new board confuses me, how do I re-enable Private Messaging.

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