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  1. CDC Pokerstars Tournament tonight after the game. First game @ 8:50 pm PST. More games if necessary.

    Please sign up :)

  2. I could be wrong, but I think more people are online (when they should be working) during the week. Maybe save #6 Canuck of all time for Monday? Just an idea...

  3. Need to see more CoN cynicism in that thread!

  4. Really? He didn't do Hunting Rabbits in Nanaimo. It was still amazing though. Did he finish with Set Me On Fire? And what did you think of Daniel Wesley?

  5. Blown. Away.

    He did While We Were Hunting Rabbits. :o

    And you were right about Set Me On Fire.

    Just keeps getting better. :)

  6. I never understood that?....why bother showing up if you're not going to take in the show?

    The "I love yous" are hilarious...at hockey games too.

    Matt's said he might do Running For Home. That'll be an absolute treat.

  7. There was for the most part, save for a couple morans of the female kind yelling things like "You're hot!" and "I love you Matt!".

    Also had a couple chatty cathy's behind me but they left before the encore (when he played it)... idiots.

  8. eeeeeeeeeeeeecan hardly wait

    that song deserves pin drop silence...i will surely be a mess, as it really "hits" me

  9. Reduced to trolling the Canucks (and fans) on the Flames board now? How sad. :lol:

  10. Set Me on Fire was chilling.

  11. Hope you had a great time. :)

    FTR...Deb's misheard lyrics of the day:

    In this busted town...busted room, bled out clean

    Dance on the ropes, an elephant, on top of me


    (can hardly wait to hear that song)

  12. That's awesome! I won't say anything until after you see him, wouldn't want to spoil anything for ya. ;)

  13. I actually bumped into Rod Bruno, aka Uncle Merle, at my usual spot by the river awhile ago. He's a super nice guy...still in awe over the fact that I met part of Champions Of Nothing. We were already FB friends, so it just made it official. :)

  14. Fantastic.

    Warm him up for me, I'm seeing him on Friday night. Can hardly wait.

    Let's compare notes. :)

  15. Just thought you'd like to now, about to head out the door to see our friend Mr. Good. Daniel Wesley should be good too.

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