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  1. Oh is it? Was it on page 7 after you voted for him on page 6 for no real reason?
  2. Ooops... sorry I thought u tied the votes Apologies
  3. Interesting 3 way tie. It makes for more options. Yes I know votes will change but... it makes me curious.
  4. He is part of ur mafia team...ur all mentioned in one Vote Zfetch
  5. As expected What was shocking was the deal the kings gave him wow He got lucky...can't say the same for the kings tho
  6. Its been a month plus a week in hotel life. Happy to announce that my home survived. I'm trying not to talk about my home to much as many of my friends and family lost theirs homes Waiting on water power and other necessities to be provided before I return.
  7. That's my home bro's. I'm in Merritt for now with my Fam, this town has been great to our community. I heard that our home survived so far but its not over. I get nervous that a spark may reignite the fire and start up again. The generosity of Merritt and surrounding towns and nations has been amazing. I applaud the volunteers and all the ESS's over the province. The Comfort inn here in Merritt has been very helpfuland kept lookin for ways to accommodate. I could go on but my words could not even come close to showing my gratitude. I love BC and Canada. As
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