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  1. Static, lifeless 5:3. Telegraph posts passing one another.
  2. The rule says there is no penalty if the puck hits the structural object ABOVE the ice, while camera was behind the glass. Should be a penalty. But, Russia had scored on a phantom powerplay earlier...
  3. Don't forget Pod is coming from a culture of goverment-sponsored doping, wide-spread corruption, and cheating. It is one serious adjustment when relocating to Canada.
  4. LE actually had a strong game - +1 and 2 shots even before that EN, 1 blocked shot, couple good defensive plays, sound positioning. Was given more ice time.
  5. He is in: https://www.nhl.com/news/outdoor-practice-in-regina-caps-off-sbisas-wild-48-hours/c-310511886
  6. No need to go after Matheson. Go after a star player in retaliation. If NHL game is played like that, so be it. It hurts where money is.
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