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  1. I was over this thread and ready to get out so thanks for getting me back in it.... First of all: get over yourself. You get on your high horse like you some sort of supreme intellectual on these boards. I have read many of your posts over the years and you are nothing special. You are pompous and often mean spirited. These smaller, long term contracts are crippling when cap space is tight and players need raises. They are especially crippling in aggregate. How much dead weight did we have last year? $15M? Quantity does not exceed quality in the NHL.... yet quantity seems to be this team's MO since JB got here. In the flat cap last year we could have been primed to bring in some elite veteran to support our youngsters. Instead, we had the disaster season that was 2021.... that needs no explanation. Look at the history...... all these $2-3.5M long term signings add up and there have been a LOT of them. They have precluded us from making runs at bringing in elite talent (when Hughes and Petto were playing amazing hockey on ELCs....) Our July 1 history has been abhorrent since JB got here. We constantly enter into smaller AAV, multi year deals with players whose contracts are immoveable very soon after. If you think Poolman is an exception: FINE...... but I have scoured the web for all the info I can find on him, read all the media reports, tried to be as objective as I can. I (and others) are willing to give him a chance. But we have every right to question the signing. Do you really need a reminder/run down of all similar contracts over the years that have not worked out since JB got here? -Loui - 6 years x 6M - needs no explanation - crippling on its own right and by far the worst signing - Myers - jury still out but many think this will be a huge burden into the future - Sutter - 5 years x 4.375M - "foundational piece" ...ya....OK.... - Baertschi - 3 years 3.36M - had a tough shake in Vancouver but this was not a good signing and hindered our ability to bring in better talent over the last few years....dead cap for most of this contract - Gudbranson - 3 years x 4M. Underwhelming signing, was lucky to recoup Pearson out of it. I still remember the analysis of his playoff performance with Florida when we got him..... much ado about nothing.... ring any bells???? Could have utilized McCann / other high picks as a much better trade chips to boot. -Beagle - 4 years x 3M - absolutely brutal signing - negative trade value by end of term -Roussel - see above -Ferland - 4 years x 3.5M - unfortunate with concussion problems and hasn't cost us cap wise due to LTIR - but another example of an overpayment with term which would have been better reserved for elite talent -Gagner - 3 years 3.15M - lackluster to say the least.... negative value as he was traded for Spooner who was promptly bought out and was dead cap for multiple years.... -Schaller - brutal signing - was a cap dump in Toffoli trade where we had to send a 2nd and Tyler Madden - hard to quantify the extent of his value but it was certainly negative.... - Dorsett - 4 years $2.65 - similar to Ferland with injuries but was overpaid based on his character. Won't slag JB for this but just another example of us prioritizing quantity over quality. - Virtanen - 2 years $2.55M - negative trade value and now costing us cap space next year.... - Holtby - 2 years $4.3M - see above If you take any one , or a few, of the of the above deals - its not worth sweating over. GM's make mistakes, no one expects perfection. JB inherited a crappy situation when he got here.... no prospects.... no one wanted to play here... ownership pressuring him to expedite rebuild.... it wasn't easy for him and stuff happens..... but spare me your sanctimonious snark. Many of us have been on these boards for a long time and seen the same old story time and time again. We finally clawed our way out of cap hell..... time will tell with good ole Poolman - I hope he knocks it out of the park. But right now, based on what I have read from lots of different sources.... I wouldn't be shocked if we get 2-3 months into the season and its apparent early on that his trade value is and will remain negative. If so, that contract will be crippling when it comes to extending Boeser, Miller, Horvat, especially if the cap remains flat.
  2. I think this is on point for what we need to do here.... I think your projections may be a little low but I would be over the moon if we could pull this off.
  3. u mad bro? I didn't post one clip like you did, I posted a compilation of multiple instances where he got completely decimated.... it clearly is a thing given the fact that OEL was making fun of himself about it..... anyway, wasn't trying to start anything... like I said, I liked the trade and am optimistic he can get back on track. I saw this video last night and was just surprised that this thread seemed like we went 181 pages without anyone posting this (from what I can tell).... seemed worth noting all things considered.... apologies for ruffling your feathers!!!!!!!
  4. What are you on about? Why do these boards have to be so polarizing. If Poolman is good I dont see why people won't just admit they were wrong and give credit where it is due: to JB, the player, Shaw, Green, management...etc. I have been wrong about tons of things before. I was not a big fan of the Miller trade and could not have been more wrong in my life.... Not looking for some reason to diminish JB for that shrewd move just to slag him....
  5. https://youtu.be/Tk4mMg7Nvzw Im a fan of the trade but this video certainly puts his struggles into perspective. Hopefully he can get some of his confidence back next year because we will face McDavid a lot and if he is going to be our number 1 Dman he will need to contain him.
  6. It could, but Ovi earned that after years of loyal service. Once he regresses to the point he is a nuisance at 9.5M I imagine he will have enough dignity and respect to retire and sign a huge contract in Russia... We can't fathom this with the likes of Loui Eriksson but Ovi is different.
  7. Well at present we are projected to have very little cap space in 2 years and Miller/Horvat are going to need raises. They are both worth retaining and as we saw with Toffoli, and extra $1M in cap space can make a world of difference when you are up against the cap and want to retain essential talent.
  8. ....For 4 years.... And no, not depressed...just disappointed, like we have learned nothing from years of miserable 'July 1' signings that have had significant opportunity costs that have crippled a team that should have been a cup contender with the talent we had on ELCs and an ownership group willing to spend to the cap.
  9. I don't really know what Poolman has to do with any of the other moves... His signing was independent of everything else and a case could have been made that a 1 year filler could have been brought in to be the bottom pairing (or, you know, one of Schenn or Bowey). I think most people could live with the AAV on a 1-2 year deal but it's really the term that is crippling for the complainerd and reminiscent of other term deals in this salary range signed in the last few years that have been immoveable and a major cap hinderence. People say $2.5M is nothing but that is false and the contract could be annoying in the coming years with multiple big extensions (Boeser, Horvat, Miller, Highlander, Rathbone/Juolevi....) needed, especially if the cap is flat. Hopefully we get some cap inflation soon and Poolman is serviceable, or better. Maybe he exceeds the very low expectations most seem to have and allows us to be competitive into our prime years. I certainly haven't ruled that out and will give him a fair shake. Time will tell. Suffice to say, my elation of our position on Tuesday night took a big hit after the Poolman deal and I would like nothing more than have my concerns proven wrong. I don't know much about advanced stats but one common theme I have seen is that we didn't have a very good defensive system last year and the hope is Shaw comes in and cleans things up. Sounds like he wanted Poolman and maybe he has a master plan to build a good system. Defense is clearly the biggest question mark on this team and if they can exceed expectations I think we are a cup contender.
  10. I guess I'm just of the opinion that if you are looking for a bottom pairing guy on day 1 of UFA and you have the track record you do and just moved heaven and earth to unload/buy out a ton of other poor UFA signings/extensions.... maybe you shouldn't end up in a bidding war....
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