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  1. Latest on Quinn Hughes contract, hearing 8 mill but not the term, hope it's for 7 years or so if that's the case. Last week it was a 6.95 mill deal at 5 years, sounds like price jumped bigtime and they're going back and forth, very fluid situation, also still nothing on Elias Pettersson contract 

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    2. Dazzle


      @cripplereh Nah. Canucks_fo_life clearly states he knows nothing about the Elias Pettersson contract. If you've been following his status updates, you'd also know that he has only been posting about Hughes' side. I think there's more money to be freed by Benning, especially the obvious AHL signings. I think we have more than 10 million in space, contrary to what capfriendly says.



    3. J-P


      Where are u hearing this?

    4. cripplereh


      we have about 13.5 mill to spend at this point, but both EP and Hughes should with that be signed.I do believe the twins be apart of the canucks will make a difference with how much players get as they did take less to make sure the team could win.

  2. Hearing Quinn Hughes and Canucks close are to a 6 year contract with a 6.95 mill AAV, not finalized, nothing on Pettersson just yet 

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    2. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      I'm hearing the Canucks will get a new DJ for next season.

    3. JM_


      is it Hayley?

    4. RWMc1


      Is Hughes waiver eligible still? I thought that his salary would be right around there so we can maximize LTIR by papering him down then putting Ferland on LTIR and then calling Quinn back up right after. I wasn't sure if I had that right though. We shall see.

  3. Word this evening that the framework for Pettersson and Hughes contracts have been agreed upon from both camps and the Canucks, still work to be completed but the hardest part is done. Announcement expected middle of next week. Source is well known around Lower Mainland, doesn't wanna be named just yet

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    2. VancouverHabitant


      It's Eklund, isn't it?

    3. Trebreh


      hopefully 8 year contracts for both... 8x8 :emot-parrot:

    4. Dazzle


      It's the middle of the week...


      Totally speculating, but it sounds like the source is Rick Dhaliwal, but I wouldn't be able to elaborate on that.

  4. Sportsnets John Shannon was on Sekeres and Price podcast today and said both Pettersson and Hughes could be 8 year deals

    1. Dazzle


      Pretty crazy if Benning can pull this off.

    2. Alflives


      Get ‘er done GMJB. :towel:

  5. Canucks will be top 2 in the Pacific, book it!

    1. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      For a top 5 pick..... :lol:

  6. Guaranteed, the biggest signing this offseason for the Canucks won't be on the ice, it already happened and it's behind the bench. Brad Shaw, a defensive specialist will turn the Canucks into a perennial playoff team. His past teams have been top 10 in PK, and his teams shots against also low, meaning less of a workload for Demko. Columbus media calling this a "steal" for Vancouver. He has also molded the likes of Pietrangelo, Seth Jones, Parayko to name a few, I'm stoked for 2021-2022! 

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    2. #Canucks


      This is a really exciting post to see. Super excited for next year. New systems, players, prospects, farm team! 

    3. hammertime


      Isn't Baumer still doing the D and this Shaw fella is running our PP. 

    4. #Canucks


      @hammertime I would think this is a learning experience for Baumer. Shaw being the specialist he will have influence for sure over other things not just the PP. No way he came here just to run the PP.

  7. Bring back the U2 intro, Canucks are a playoff team for many years now, lets goooooo!!! Towel power!!!

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    2. Coconuts


      I disagree, I enjoyed what it was when it was but now it's akin to people demanding they bring back Holiday. I view it as being tethered to nostalgia and would prefer to attach some other song to this young, rising team. I imagine it'll happen organically over the next 4-5 years if it's to happen at all. 

    3. Coconuts


      If you feel differently that's fine but that's where I stand on it. 

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      "Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road"


      That should lighten the load of expectations. Snappy lil' folk number.

  8. Off to Las Vegas tomorrow for the Canucks game! Hope to see Canuck Nation representing well down there! I'll be the brown guy with the Boeser jersey :P

    1. Cramarossa


      Safe travels! Vegas is such a fun hockey city. I was surprised by how many 'Nucks fans were there.

    2. vancouverbucsfan


      Are you gonna be at the March 3rd game?

  9. The Oilers win in San Jose ties them with the Vancouver Canucks for the 2nd overall draft position, but Canucks remain 3rd cause of games in hand #TeamTank #Matthews 

    1. Quantum


      Short term pain, long term gain. #Matthews or #Laine or #Puljujarvi -- getting any of those guys will be essential for the Canucks rebuild plans. Exciting times.


  10. Fransesco Aquilini needs to get the hell away from our hockey team, had a deal agreed upon with Dallas and he comes in and nixes it, go to hell Aquilini

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    2. Winter Soldier

      Winter Soldier

      In that same clip EF flat out admitted that he had not spoken to Benning not any other member of mangement.

    3. Squamfan


      management is not saying the aqua man is involed.

    4. Squamfan


      wish galardi bought the team

  11. Get these yankees out of our city, disgusting

  12. How does the seating at BC Place work? Is row S near the middle of the section?

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    2. PowerIce


      You will be 1/3 of the way up, 36% in fact... not 66%!

    3. PowerIce


      Depending if they block off the first 10 rows or so around the lower bowl...

    4. Grapefruits


      We're both off on our estimates. Simple solution is to go to a Vancouver Whitecaps interactive map and hover over S for your section, it will show you roughly how far up you'll be.

  13. Going to the game tonight, wishing for 3 things. 1) I'm fan #25 million 2) Joe Thornton doesnt score so we dont have to see his....yeah 3) Canucks win

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    2. BananaMash


      Dont make noise though, Rogers arena will kick you out.

    3. Warhippy


      It's the only noise "Rogers" has been able to make all day :P

    4. Hodgson!!


      @warhippy LOL

  14. Santorelli FLOODED the net at the Saddledome!! hahahahaah!!!! whoooo!! The Canucks just took a giant dump on an already crap city!

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    2. kodos


      ^ Uh, well. It did happen. When we destroyed our own city.

    3. stonecoldstevebernier


      way to be ignorant there.

    4. Grapefruits


      you're comparing the damage done in the riot to the damage done in the flooding? Not even close to the same.

  15. Vigneault's deal in New York in 5 years 10 million dollars, making more than he did here

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    2. c00kies


      and Vancouver is so cheap...

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles
    4. Baka


      New York is way more expensive than Vancouver...

  16. Whatever coach we hire, there will be unhappy people, so annoying, whoever we hire will be awesome, case closed

  17. We're up all night to get lucky

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    2. Armada


      Mexican monkey.

    3. mau5trap



    4. :D


      Album wasn't very good

  18. So apparently Canucks move up a spot in the draft if Anaheim loses....

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    2. AriGold


      If toronto beats boston we move up 1 more spot as well.

    3. Cherries


      Nope, if the Detroit loses in the second round they still draft higher than the Canucks

    4. Cherries


      The remaining order is determined by the Stanley Cup playoff results. Whichever team wins the Stanley Cup is awarded the 30th and last pick, while the runner-up is given the 29th pick. The teams eliminated in the conference finals are awarded the 28th and 27th picks, with the 28th pick going to the team with the better regular season record. Remaining division winners are then sorted by points, then the rest of the field are ranked next, filling in the 26th through 15th picks. In both cases,...

  19. 3 years ago today, the Sedins did this to the Calgary Flames

  20. Found a dead bird at my doorstep today, im creeped out, wtf does this mean? Im all paranoid

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    2. -DLC-


      It means you have a new pet cat that you didn't know about.

    3. Blame Obama

      Blame Obama

      blair witch is gonna getcha

    4. nuckin_futz


      Do you know any Sicilians and are they mad at you?

  21. Was at the game tonight, expected a snoozefest, boy was I wrong....

  22. Whoooooaaaa oooooooooh ooooooooh Perry's cryyyiin

    1. key2thecup


      I hope Ballard gets to knock Perry's front teeth in!

  23. Was one of my New Years resolutions, but I did it today, sponsored a child, feels awesome

  24. If new CBA is resolved I will do the Dougie for 2 hours straight

    1. BananaMash


      I will do doggie for 2 hours straight.

      1 hour and 55 minutes longer than last time.

    2. ChenWei91


      How do you do the doggie with your hand?

  25. People got their hopes up too high, this is real negotiating, things that matter are being discussed by the NHL and NHLPA, and theyre not far from an agreement, we'll see a 60-70 game schedule

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