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  1. Latest on Quinn Hughes contract, hearing 8 mill but not the term, hope it's for 7 years or so if that's the case. Last week it was a 6.95 mill deal at 5 years, sounds like price jumped bigtime and they're going back and forth, very fluid situation, also still nothing on Elias Pettersson contract 

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    2. Dazzle


      @cripplereh Nah. Canucks_fo_life clearly states he knows nothing about the Elias Pettersson contract. If you've been following his status updates, you'd also know that he has only been posting about Hughes' side. I think there's more money to be freed by Benning, especially the obvious AHL signings. I think we have more than 10 million in space, contrary to what capfriendly says.



    3. J-P


      Where are u hearing this?

    4. cripplereh


      we have about 13.5 mill to spend at this point, but both EP and Hughes should with that be signed.I do believe the twins be apart of the canucks will make a difference with how much players get as they did take less to make sure the team could win.

  2. Hearing Quinn Hughes and Canucks close are to a 6 year contract with a 6.95 mill AAV, not finalized, nothing on Pettersson just yet 

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    2. -Vintage Canuck-

      -Vintage Canuck-

      I'm hearing the Canucks will get a new DJ for next season.

    3. JM_


      is it Hayley?

    4. RWMc1


      Is Hughes waiver eligible still? I thought that his salary would be right around there so we can maximize LTIR by papering him down then putting Ferland on LTIR and then calling Quinn back up right after. I wasn't sure if I had that right though. We shall see.

  3. Word this evening that the framework for Pettersson and Hughes contracts have been agreed upon from both camps and the Canucks, still work to be completed but the hardest part is done. Announcement expected middle of next week. Source is well known around Lower Mainland, doesn't wanna be named just yet

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    2. VancouverHabitant


      It's Eklund, isn't it?

    3. Trebreh


      hopefully 8 year contracts for both... 8x8 :emot-parrot:

    4. Dazzle


      It's the middle of the week...


      Totally speculating, but it sounds like the source is Rick Dhaliwal, but I wouldn't be able to elaborate on that.

  4. LOL how is the 2016-2017 team not on here? One of the most underrated teams in professional sports
  5. Sportsnets John Shannon was on Sekeres and Price podcast today and said both Pettersson and Hughes could be 8 year deals

    1. Dazzle


      Pretty crazy if Benning can pull this off.

    2. Alflives


      Get ‘er done GMJB. :towel:

  6. Pacific Division standings * = playoff team 1. Vegas * 2. Vancouver * 3. Edmonton * 4. Los Angeles 5. Calgary 6. Seattle 7. San Jose 8. Anaheim Canucks may have the deepest forward group in this division, a defence that will surprise, along with the 1/2 punch of Demko and Halak. The LA Kings will surprise and compete for a spot. I think 5 teams will get into the playoffs from the Central division.
  7. Las Vegas* Vancouver* Edmonton* Los Angeles Calgary Seattle San Jose Anaheim
  8. Kirk Luedeke is the managing editor for the New England Hockey Journal and New York Hockey Journal
  9. Canucks will be top 2 in the Pacific, book it!

    1. ChuckNORRIS4Cup


      For a top 5 pick..... :lol:

  10. Blow Jays are trash, how many playoff games have they played since 1995?
  11. Guaranteed, the biggest signing this offseason for the Canucks won't be on the ice, it already happened and it's behind the bench. Brad Shaw, a defensive specialist will turn the Canucks into a perennial playoff team. His past teams have been top 10 in PK, and his teams shots against also low, meaning less of a workload for Demko. Columbus media calling this a "steal" for Vancouver. He has also molded the likes of Pietrangelo, Seth Jones, Parayko to name a few, I'm stoked for 2021-2022! 

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    2. #Canucks


      This is a really exciting post to see. Super excited for next year. New systems, players, prospects, farm team! 

    3. hammertime


      Isn't Baumer still doing the D and this Shaw fella is running our PP. 

    4. #Canucks


      @hammertime I would think this is a learning experience for Baumer. Shaw being the specialist he will have influence for sure over other things not just the PP. No way he came here just to run the PP.

  12. In this particular draft at #9, many options. Mason MacTavish has moved up the rankings, and guys like Kent Johnson or Dylan Guenther could fall right to us. I would love if the Canucks somehow got a hold of defenceman Brandt Clarke, but I think he goes a little higher. My sleeper, Fabian Lysell, who would look great on a 3rd line with Podkolzin.
  13. I can see Podkolzin owning the Pacific Division for years, feast on the likes of Anaheim,LA, San Jose, Seattle while they're still rebuilding. I would love to see his battles vs Vegas, Edmonton, Calgary for years, he seems like he would be a thorn in Matthew Tkachuks side.
  14. Looking at expansion draft possibilities, they could land a couple really good goalies and d-men, I'm basically predicting a huge down year in Calgary with no expectations.
  15. It's been a season to forget, from the worst schedule and Covid-19 outbreak in professional sports, to rape allegations and flying anti-Benning banners, this has been a lot to take as a die-hard fan and season ticket holder. I wanted to post something positive and I think we could all use that right now as fans of this team. Next season, we don't have to put up with playing the same 6 teams over and over again, it looks like we'll be back to a regular 82 game schedule and the divisions will go back to normal. If you look at the teams in the Pacific Division, you would t
  16. Ducks beat Blues, Canucks now tied for 2nd last, BUT, Canucks have 7 games in hand on Ducks
  17. Frank Seravalli TSN Senior Hockey Reporter Follow|Archive Only after the Canucks’ bubble burst and they returned home could coach Travis Green fully appreciate the impact his team had on Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. “I’m proud of our group,” Green said Tuesday. “I think they did an amazing job and put a lot of life back into the city. Just being back for a few days, I can really see how excited people are around town about our group.”They should be. The Canucks can now stake a country-wide claim as the team closest to ending Canada’s 27-year Stanley Cup dro
  18. Another Fabian Brunnstrom, he'll fit right in, in Calgary and do absolutely nothing
  19. There was a time I would remember this, but been to so many games since I was a kid in the 90's, I cannot keep track now, doesn't help this is my 4th year as a quarter season ticket holder. I have been to 2 road games, in the 2010 playoffs vs LA, and last October in Las Vegas, both Canuck victories.
  20. I was thinking that all along too but Winnipeg lost some key players
  21. According to Jesse Granger of The Athletic, preliminary offers to the Vegas Golden Knights for Nikita Gusev have included a second-round pick along with a low-level prospect or a lower draft pick. Granger, who previously reported that Gusev is looking for an annual $4 million salary on a two-year deal compared to the Golden Knights’ offer of a $2 million AAV, believes the underwhelming offers may be the reason Vegas president George McPhee has openly discussed trading the 27-year-old. Gusev joined the Golden Knights ahead of the playoffs this spring after nine seasons in the KHL but
  22. Pacific 1. Las Vegas* 2. San Jose* 3. Calgary* 4. Vancouver * 5. Arizona 6. Edmonton 7. LA 8. Anaheim * = Playoff teams
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