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  1. Bring back the U2 intro, Canucks are a playoff team for many years now, lets goooooo!!! Towel power!!!

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    2. Coconuts


      I disagree, I enjoyed what it was when it was but now it's akin to people demanding they bring back Holiday. I view it as being tethered to nostalgia and would prefer to attach some other song to this young, rising team. I imagine it'll happen organically over the next 4-5 years if it's to happen at all. 

    3. Coconuts


      If you feel differently that's fine but that's where I stand on it. 

    4. Nuxfanabroad


      "Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road"


      That should lighten the load of expectations. Snappy lil' folk number.

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  2. Central division is so stacked, atleast 4 teams get in if not 5, leaving 4 spots for San Jose, Vegas and Calgary, wild card will be between Arizona, Edmonton, Minnesota and Vancouver
  3. Apparently this Gusev guy is like a Panarin type player if he hits his potential
  4. Breaking: Golden Knights looking at trade options for Nikita Gusev A source told The Athletic the sides are far apart in negotiations, and Vegas could deal the Russian star if they can’t fit him under the cap. https://twitter.com/JesseGranger_/status/1145880496380923904
  5. Players I think could be available when Canucks select 10th overall Matthew Boldy Victor Soderstrom Cole Caufield Alex Newhook Philip Broberg There's a couple of pretty decent defence prospects in Broberg and Soderstrom, but Caufield has gained alot of attention recently and is my #2 choice. I haven't heard too much about Newhook but all signs point to a long NHL career. I love Matthew Boldys game though, he would be my choice out of the bunch.
  6. Game 7 tonight in Prince Albert, this one is for all the marbles, winner goes to the Memorial Cup tournament, GO GIANTS!
  7. Off to Las Vegas tomorrow for the Canucks game! Hope to see Canuck Nation representing well down there! I'll be the brown guy with the Boeser jersey :P

    1. Cramarossa


      Safe travels! Vegas is such a fun hockey city. I was surprised by how many 'Nucks fans were there.

    2. vancouverbucsfan


      Are you gonna be at the March 3rd game?

  8. Adam Gaudette has solid 3rd line and maybe 2nd line potential. Besides Boeser, Demko and Juloevi, this guy is next in line as far as exciting prospects go for our organization. I've watched a couple of his games that have been televised the last couple weeks and the guy sure piles up goals and assists. The commentators praised him more than any other players on either team, it was great to hear. This guy was a 5th rounder, we definately may have something here. Also, guys that play in the NCAA seem to make the NHL pretty quick (Hutton, Stecher, Boeser?)
  9. Haha yeah ive been getting lots of messages on Facebook and Twitter about that, its from Horvats 1st NHL goal vs Anaheim in November 2014, CBC and Sportsnet have been using it for 2 years but its been getting alot of play this year, especially the week leading up to the Canucks/Leafs game which I was at
  10. BC Lions trade rights of Oregon State QB Vernon Adams to Montreal for 2017 1st round pick I like this trade, Als are expected to finish near bottom of league so that pick could potentially be a 1st overall, also With Jennings, Lulay and Price, there was no room here at QB, genius move by Wally!
  11. Craptors will find a way to lose this series, they'll always be the Craptors, come on lol
  12. The Oilers win in San Jose ties them with the Vancouver Canucks for the 2nd overall draft position, but Canucks remain 3rd cause of games in hand #TeamTank #Matthews 

    1. Quantum


      Short term pain, long term gain. #Matthews or #Laine or #Puljujarvi -- getting any of those guys will be essential for the Canucks rebuild plans. Exciting times.


  13. Fransesco Aquilini needs to get the hell away from our hockey team, had a deal agreed upon with Dallas and he comes in and nixes it, go to hell Aquilini

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    2. Winter Soldier

      Winter Soldier

      In that same clip EF flat out admitted that he had not spoken to Benning not any other member of mangement.

    3. Squamfan


      management is not saying the aqua man is involed.

    4. Squamfan


      wish galardi bought the team

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  14. iCEBERG SiMPSON ‏@JustasThene Jan 30 Brock Boeser with a snipe. 6 goals away from tying Oshie's freshman record, 4 away from Toews. Kids gonna be a stud in the NHL
  15. Rams officially moving to LA, they're gonna play in Inglewood, San Diego Chargers may join them
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