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  1. Horrible news for the Lions with Courtney Taylor done for the year, Ianuzzi will have to step up, Taylor was the best reciever behind Arceneaux
  2. Darian Durant done for season and will require surgery on his arm, huge blow to Saskatchewan
  3. As a huge Ravens fan, this sucks, and I just hope it doesn't become a distraction. Looks like Forsett and Pierce will be our RBs moving forward
  4. Brock Lesnar is one scary intimidating individual
  5. Sooooooo happy when I found out, this guy has won at every level he's coached in. His style of coaching and the system he implements will be exciting to watch.
  6. I dont know how I was being a troll, I hate the Blue Jays and am happy everytime they lose, I dont even watch baseball, but I will tune in here and there just to see the Jays lose, or cheer against them
  7. RUNNING BACKS LOGAN AND HARRIS READY TO ROLL FOR LIONS 6/10/2014 7:27:13 PM KAMLOOPS, B.C. -- The B.C. Lions turned to a familiar face when their ground game was in tatters late last season, and Stefan Logan is looking forward to once again exploiting his unique backfield partnership with Andrew Harris in 2014. "It's like ketchup and mustard," Logan said of the Lions' running back duo. "If you don't have ketchup and mustard on your hamburger, it won't be any good." Logan was a dynamic threat for the Lions in 2008 before jumping to the NFL, but when the phone stopped ringing with offers down south he decided on a return to his former CFL club. "As I was at home waiting on calls I was working out and staying in shape and stuff like that," said Logan. "When I talked to the B.C. Lions I was more than willing to come up here and help us win games." A leaky offensive line and a tendency to abandon the ground attack meant the Lions were without a 100-yard rusher for 11 straight contests in 2013, but the speedy Logan's injection into the lineup helped the situation improve almost overnight. A more south-runner, Harris was no longer the only focus for defences, and both he and Logan found some traction as the Lions ran for almost 200 yards a game over the season's final three weeks. "(Harris) does a lot of different things that I don't do," Logan said at training camp last week. "He's more of a downhill, patient runner and hits the hole. I'm more of a slasher, getting inside and outside. "He has the ability to do certain things that I'm not that great at, and I can do certain things that he can't do. That's what makes it such a great running back (combination)." Despite all the struggles last season, Harris still managed to rush for 998 yards and seven touchdowns. Clearly frustrated at times, the Winnipeg native never criticized his coaches or teammates and is now looking forward to having Logan as a backfield counterpart for a full season. "It's going to be a great give-and-take scenario. Having two guys to spell each other and feed off each other ... any time he makes a play, I'm going to want to make a play," said Harris. "I think we both bring a different skill set and that's something we can utilize. Having us both on the field at the same time is going to create mismatches with linebackers and in the pass game as well. "I think no matter what we do we're going to be productive." Not unfamiliar with the spotlight of being a ball carrier after mainly returning kicks in the NFL, Logan had sympathy for Harris when things weren't going well last season. "I understand when people point the finger at you and it's not your fault. It's not like his running style had changed or he started tipping (plays) or anything like that," said Logan. "When you've got people pointing the finger, it's always going to be towards you because you're running the ball. "If guys miss a block, the fans don't see that. All they see is you." Lions head coach Mike Benevides parted ways with offensive co-ordinator Jacques Chapdelaine after last season and replaced him with former CFL quarterback Khari Jones in hopes of reinvigorating a stagnant attack. "What everybody's seen the last couple years in our league is you have to run the football," said Benevides. "Two years ago we were the best running team, last year we weren't but I think we showed an identity at the end of the season when we were running for 200 yards a game. "With (Logan and Harris), you have two changeup guys. You have two elite players with different skill sets that can attack out of the backfield." Jones has made it clear he wants to be aggressive, and with starting quarterback Travis Lulay still struggling to come back from shoulder surgery, the Lions could lean on Logan and Harris even more. "It's going to give us some great options on offence," said Jones. "It's going to be our job as an offensive staff to find out how to best utilize those two guys and get them the ball in the right positions." The Lions will host the Grey Cup in November, and with the CFL and its players' association now waiting to ratify a new labour agreement, the team is eager to see what a Logan-Harris backfield can do from the start. "We're all about getting those positive yards and not putting that heat on our back. We want to put the team on our back to move forward," said Logan. "I felt (Harris's) pain last year and I wanted to come in and boost him up and let him know that it's going to be OK. "I told him: 'You and I are going to be back here together and we're going to run this thing down their throat until the season is over."' http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=454512
  8. Looking at the cup final, and once again he's OUTCOACHED like in 2011, good riddance. Willie Desjardins>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>AV
  9. Buono going all in this year since we host the Grey Cup, great to see! Can't wait to get started
  10. How does the seating at BC Place work? Is row S near the middle of the section?

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    2. PowerIce


      You will be 1/3 of the way up, 36% in fact... not 66%!

    3. PowerIce


      Depending if they block off the first 10 rows or so around the lower bowl...

    4. Grapefruits


      We're both off on our estimates. Simple solution is to go to a Vancouver Whitecaps interactive map and hover over S for your section, it will show you roughly how far up you'll be.

  11. Jason Botchford ‏@botchford2h @BeantownCanuck @benkuzma Santorelli is going to be out a long time
  12. LOL I hate Cindy Crosby, and that cheapshot Malkin even more. I dont forget the past, Malkin ended Willie Mitchells season in January 2010 with a cheapshot, huge loss for the Canucks on defence that season. Vancouver smoked them 6-2 that night too
  13. Rumor that the BC Lions have let Banks go and he's an Argo, if this is true im super choked, dunno wtf Buono is doing trading a player of his calibre Edit: Banks tweeted, so maybe not, hoping not! Korey Banks ‏@24Banks "I'm not going to T Dot that I know of, that was just a retweet that I thought was funny @BCLions"
  14. Hahahaha, I laugh at all the people complaining and whining about snow, you know what? We get the least amount of snow in Canada, yet its Winter and we should have snow all the time. People here are spoiled, learn to drive in snow then, jesus. I have a car and have no problem with snow, its my favorite type of weather and I hope we get enough to paralyze the city again so I can laugh at all you losers.
  15. I chirped so many Bruins fans at the game last night, called em clam chowder munchers!! #Baaahstonweak
  16. Thank the refs for this one, Lions were and are the better team, such a joke
  17. Going to the game tonight, wishing for 3 things. 1) I'm fan #25 million 2) Joe Thornton doesnt score so we dont have to see his....yeah 3) Canucks win

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    2. BananaMash


      Dont make noise though, Rogers arena will kick you out.

    3. Warhippy


      It's the only noise "Rogers" has been able to make all day :P

    4. Hodgson!!


      @warhippy LOL

  18. Santorelli FLOODED the net at the Saddledome!! hahahahaah!!!! whoooo!! The Canucks just took a giant dump on an already crap city!

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    2. kodos


      ^ Uh, well. It did happen. When we destroyed our own city.

    3. stonecoldstevebernier


      way to be ignorant there.

    4. Grapefruits


      you're comparing the damage done in the riot to the damage done in the flooding? Not even close to the same.

  19. Ravens win, and the seattle hippies lose, all is right in the world
  20. A part of me died when CBC lost the original HNIC theme
  21. Love it, doesn't smell like ass when its hot out, so fresh. I love Fall
  22. I dont know what the problem is, we always seems to get around 15 games, and all of them are Saturday games, there's 17 Saturday games, only 2 of them arent on CBC cause they start in the morning. Why would they show the Canucks on CBC in the middle of the week? CBC doesn't come out with the schedule, not their fault. If you wanna blame someone, blame the schedule makers for not having us play more games on Saturday nights.
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