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  1. I dont know what the problem is, we always seems to get around 15 games, and all of them are Saturday games, there's 17 Saturday games, only 2 of them arent on CBC cause they start in the morning. Why would they show the Canucks on CBC in the middle of the week? CBC doesn't come out with the schedule, not their fault. If you wanna blame someone, blame the schedule makers for not having us play more games on Saturday nights.
  2. Riders are the worst 6-1 team ever, theyre not getting anywhere near the championship. Duarant was vintage Durant today, looking like crap. With a rookie QB playing his 1st CFL game for Montreal, the Riders should have destroyed the Als, but they almost lost. BC wins the Grey Cup this season
  3. Its all good, Gillis is just waiting it out, at the end of this we'll have Tanev for a sweet deal. Gillis is doing what any good GM with limited cap space does.
  4. Baseball is absolutely boring and I hate it, but the only reason I keep track of the Blow Jays is cause I want them to fail hard after being so hyped up, so far so good.
  5. Crazy game yesterday, glad Lions pulled it out, surprised no one posted about it
  6. Any truth to the game being blacked out even on TSN HD?
  7. So hopefully the Lions are able to start their season in Calgary next week after all this flooding
  8. If Ruff is hired that will ruin my entire summer. Tortorella is my #1 choice then Stevens. Those are the only 2 coaches left that can help this team moving forward. Now that Tippett is all but gone, Gillis and company better hire quick before they're gone.
  9. Vigneault's deal in New York in 5 years 10 million dollars, making more than he did here

    1. c00kies


      and Vancouver is so cheap...

    2. Mr.DirtyDangles
    3. Baka


      New York is way more expensive than Vancouver...

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  10. Whatever coach we hire, there will be unhappy people, so annoying, whoever we hire will be awesome, case closed

  11. BC wins 29-27 in a stormy Calgary. Hugh O'Neill went, 5 for 5 in field goals, including two from 47 yards out, the last one to win the game with just over a minute left. Korey Williams also looked awesome tonight, two huge punt returns, one a 105 yard kickoff TD return. Lulay only threw 6 passes, left with apparent hip injury, DeMarco and Hart played rest of game.
  12. Anyone know if there's a live stream of the Lions game tonight?
  13. Josh Rimer ‏@JoshRimerHockey3m The Dallas Stars & Vancouver Canucks have spoken w/ Jacques Martin about Head Coaching Job, Stars over the phone & Van in person last week
  14. Helene Elliott ‏@helenenothelen8m Vancouver Canucks have permission to talk to Kings assistant coach John Stevens about their head coaching job. He's a quality guy. BOOM! Thankyou Kings!
  15. The riders will be no match for the BC Lions yet again this season, Lions favorites again
  16. Tippett would be a HUGE mistake, another defensive minded coach. Dallas Eakins is getting a second interview, and Stevens already woulda had an interview if it wasn't for the Kings making it to round 3. These two are the Canucks best options, and I wouldn't mind either.
  17. 660News ‏@660News26m THIS JUST IN: Calgary police are looking for the public's help in finding Joffrey Reynolds, sought for breaching probation. 660News ‏@660News54s UPDATED: Ex-Stampeder Joffrey Reynolds wanted on warrants http://goo.gl/s2nJF
  18. We're up all night to get lucky

    1. Armada


      Mexican monkey.

    2. mau5trap



    3. :D


      Album wasn't very good

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  19. Haha saw that, but this name is an embarrassment to the CFL, shoulda just went back to Renegades
  20. http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/ottawa-franchise-registers-redblacks-rouge-et-noir-d-205208958.html Ew
  21. There's one bye week, 18 games for everyone, but 19 weeks
  22. This stuff was the shiz back in the day
  23. So apparently Canucks move up a spot in the draft if Anaheim loses....

    1. AriGold


      If toronto beats boston we move up 1 more spot as well.

    2. Cherries


      Nope, if the Detroit loses in the second round they still draft higher than the Canucks

    3. Cherries


      The remaining order is determined by the Stanley Cup playoff results. Whichever team wins the Stanley Cup is awarded the 30th and last pick, while the runner-up is given the 29th pick. The teams eliminated in the conference finals are awarded the 28th and 27th picks, with the 28th pick going to the team with the better regular season record. Remaining division winners are then sorted by points, then the rest of the field are ranked next, filling in the 26th through 15th picks. In both cases,...

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  24. http://youtu.be/XR9Q1uN2wuA Just happened this morning
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