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  1. lol I love that people think that not having a pipeline stops oil from moving ... instead of a stationary pipe with shutoffs it will be shipped by train, truck ect.
  2. RIP DMX Crack ain't no joke.
  3. Well it looks like Miller isn't going to need to be the 1st 2nd and 3rd line centers thats good.
  4. see your even questioning yourself now haha.
  5. the only thing that has changed is Pettersson .... Pettersson do we really need him?
  6. With the players we have today my list is: But I did notice that Ferland has a NMC which does that mean we need to protect him? if so replace Ferland with Lind. F1. Boeser F2. Horvat F3. Miller F4. Gaudette F5. Pettersson F.6 Motte F.7 Lind D1. Schmidt D2. Joulevi D3. Rafferty G1. Demko
  7. There is something wrong with the roster for Montreal... who are the other 19 players ... it should only show Toffoli.
  8. The guy has hit 8 posts this year a couple inches the other way and he's got 13 goals 8 assists 21 points in 19 games. He's fine he was struggling a bit at the beginning but has hit his stride.
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