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  1. I think this interview is more about staying to play JR hockey and KHL in Russia rather then the CHL in Canada.
  2. Barrie and Hughes are the same player but if Hughes was a dumpster fire in his own end.
  3. We know now not to sign players for 6 years heavy signing bonus contracts which make them un-buyoutable..... hopefully.
  4. This is how much the rest of the 4th line should be making
  5. honestly they could do worse on the 3rd pairing hes a decent player when not asked to do too much.
  6. Haven't we learned all Finish Dmen that are affiliated with the Canucks are injury prone.
  7. This sounds like a real players name.
  8. I always liked the Vegas jerseys except the sparkly arm spot which I think looks tacky so an entire sparkly jersey is even worse lol.
  9. someone please check if Eriksson was a Blackhawk for like 24hrs or something like that haha.
  10. I'm the total opposite i want that clean aesthetic of one speaker things over that upgrade in sound. I would never be able to blast it anyways.
  11. Of all technologies i feel TV's are the slowest moving because of the cable companies. Most cable companies only have a couple 4K channels and some still have none. That being said if you waited 10 years to upgrade your TV I would definitively get a 4K TV this time. I feel they will be making that slow transition to 4K main channels with the 1080p backup channels in the next 10 years, similar to what they have now with 1080p main and std def backups.