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  1. Sigh, Canada‘s healthcare is ranked 30th by the world health organization while the Russian federation healthcare is ranked 130th so yeah it’s safe to say Canada has a better healthcare system than Russia. Sorry I had to say this here. RIP Timur Faizutdinov
  2. Grrreat save by Demko! Loving the Jim and John commentating! Bringing me back to the West Coast express era
  3. I guess that’s one way to add some sandpaper to your lineup…
  4. Really proud of our boys, this was such a good learning experience for so many of them and to be honest I feel like winning our 1st cup without a crowd would’ve just not felt right. We’ll get em next time... Next time Go Canucks go!
  5. We’re gonna have to do some really dirty stuff to win the series, I think I see a crosscheck to someone’s teeth breaking their jaw maybe? I mean the league has already said it’s only one game so let’s do a couple of those OK?
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