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  1. it sucks being in alberta!!

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    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Bro this province is just a harsh place to live all around . Greedy angry bosses, the worst tailgating in the world, dont even get me started on the weather ...:(

    3. goalie13


      They say you get used to it but my best day living in Alberta was the day I moved home to BC!

    4. Y.Strahovski


      lol its not the ppl.. im only here for a year.. but its the frustrating calgary games they play instead of the canucks ones lol..i must say its fun watching calgary fans .. watch calgary lose haha

  2. michael vick.. is tooooo nuts!!!!!

    1. playstasian



    2. Y.Strahovski


      lmao im inspired and motivated by him...

    3. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      He is gonna get PAID if he kerns this up.

  3. Haha yours is mighty sexy as well

    Some dance-loving chick, lol.

  4. your avatar is awesome hahaha.. who is she btw?

    1. playstasian


      LOL their so stupid they couldve rushed him. but they stood there and went 1on1 against a guy with a bat xD

    2. Pierre's_Monster
    3. kanucks25


      lol playstasian, exactly right (kind of like they do in the movies so the hero can fight off the baddies)

  5. haha sumones been COD-ing it up a bit too much ;)

  6. damnn.. 100k profile views!! wow..

  7. lol i find it wierd how ur rep is so bad.. most of ur posts are actauly pretty good

  8. hey i think im planning to move to sweden haha it looks so peaceful there.. like so chillz..??

    any advice?

  9. lol the old white noise..

    brown noise.. haha if ur living in delta r u relating to wut hapend on scotroad after every canucks win in the playoffs ahaha

  10. lol im not really 87.. i just did tat in a hurry.. haha a couple years younger... nd the blonde is just WOW haha..

  11. HAHA Yeah! I know right? You're just starving as long as you stay awake. That's painful :D

    Hey, you're 87 too!

    P.S. That girl's a bombbbbbbbbb. :D

  12. Dazzle What do you do when it's 5 am EST and you're hungry? :(

    - man im with u... lol except im too lazy to leave my room and go to kitchen

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