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  1. Consumer reports segment on Global TV covering some of the risks of using the BC Home Partnership Loan. Great resource. I may also know the mortgage broker featured
  2. CMHC Premium hikes! http://www.financialpost.com/m/wp/personal-finance/mortgages-real-estate/blog.html?b=business.financialpost.com/personal-finance/mortgages-real-estate/mortgage-insurance-premiums-on-the-rise-at-cmhc-now-as-high-as-4-5-of-value
  3. Maybe Clark will do something.....once the supreme court rules against her first option and an election is about to happen!
  4. And if you have any questions on mortgages, you may tag me =)
  5. Glad to hear of your good fortune in the market. Frankly, I think you decided to do your final cash in at a really good time. It's all speculation, but I think the next couple years are going to be a rough ride for the market. Interests rates are also on the rise, so you got in at a time where they are low. I would take advantage of the low interest rate you got for your current mortgage term, and pay down as much principal you can over it. Congrats on the detached house! For many young people in the lower mainland, you're basically living the dream.
  6. Hey everyone. Finally got around to finishing up the blog I put together that goes over the BC Home Partnership Loan program. See below. What should consumers be looking for in the fine print, and other things to consider. This program is only applicable to consumers acquiring an insured mortgages(less than 20% down). For example, if one has a 15% down payment saved up, they cannot use this program to get to a 20% down payment, as that mortgage will no longer be considered an insured mortgage. The consumer must put le
  7. Thanks Harvey! Let me know if there's anything you think I should expand on, or add! I won't be publishing a final version on my website until early next week.
  8. Hey all, As you know, I am a mortgage broker, and I am currently in the process of putting a blog together for my website where I dig a bit deeper into the fine print of the initiative the BC Liberals have just put forth to assist first time home buyers. Quite frankly, I am not at all a fan of it at all. I try to cover any red flags I feel there are in the fine print which people may miss, but also I crafted a few example scenarios of how savvy and financially responsible people can almost "hack" it to their benefit. I hope you all enjoy, and if you have any questions please let me
  9. Hey Harvey, could you link me in PM the developer doing that? I want to show my friend for a bit of a laugh. Thanks!
  10. Oh man I remember that chat! Good times! There's actually a discord chat now. I joined it, but there's no one super interesting on it, nor is it really active. You should hop on it and maybe we can get it going!
  11. Thanks Bizarre! I remember you! Which group chat was that again? I think it was actually much longer ago, as I've been a licensed broker now for almost 4 years. =)
  12. You can't reach out to First National directly. They are only accessible through independent mortgage brokers. Credit unions have the same fixed rate penalty calculations as banks. True North has its place in the market. They are technically mortgage brokers, and what they do is focus on doing as much volume as possible while buying down interests rates with their commissions. Don't expect any level of service or education from a mortgage broker there, but for someone who knows exactly what they want, they definitely fill a niche in the market. Again, this
  13. Monolines aren't private lenders. Private lending is equity based lending at premiumed interest rates. Monolines are just companies that unlike banks, strictly focus on mortgage lending. Since they don't have branches, you access them through mortgage brokers. More often than not, the money used to lend come from the same pool of investors who fund mortgages at the bank. I personally do a lot of business with First National and MCAP. This is based off my experience of them having great mortgage terms which are very straightforward, and a high level of service. But there
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