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  1. I'm not so sure. From the game reports it sounds like Rafferty is prone to a lot of boneheaded turnover and missed assignments defensively. Pretty sure they just want him to work on his game.
  2. We're 9th in the league in goals per game. Also no way we get Parayko for Boeser
  3. Absolute work horse. Love all the little touch passes he makes to teammates. He's going to be the kind of guy that makes whatever line he is better whether he is putting up big points or not
  4. Lol. So no one knows. But he's 1st so hurray!
  5. So it doesn't take into account if possession of the puck was had? He just dumps it in a lot? Is that a good thing? Carrying in the puck with possession is a pretty good attribute, having to dump it in all the time at the junior level is hard to see as a good thing, unless he's coming up with possession the majority of the time
  6. What is this stat? Never seen it before. I'm assuming this is counting getting possession of the puck with a forecheck not just attempted zone entries? Would be great to develop some excellent bottom 6 players that we can have on ELCs. Our bottom 6 is full of guys signed through UFA and won't be an option once Petey and Hughes sign their big contracts.
  7. I haven't seen too much of Rathbone so take this with a grain of salt but from what I've seen his overall skating isn't elite but his straight ahead speed is what shines.
  8. I don't think many are saying it's a "great" place for development but that it's not out of the ordinary for an 18 year old to have to earn playing time. His minutes have been steadily increasing and he's been getting around the 11-13 min per game since the WJCs. It might not be the best place for development but that's mostly the way for Russians
  9. 40pt guy is expecting a lot. Edler usually puts up 40pts being #1 guy and running the pp. Getting a 20-30pt solid #4 guy out of Woo would be solid IMO
  10. Definitely a good sign he's getting into the positives, with his lack of foot speed it will be interesting to see if he can either get faster or be able to simply be smart enough to defend at the NHL level.
  11. He's getting plenty of playing time in the VHL. It's just in the KHL games he doesn't get as much but I'm pretty sure he's getting close to 10min a game even in the KHL games now.
  12. Pretty quiet gold medal game for Pod. Made a few good plays in the PK and the one drive to the net to draw a penalty near the end. Dumb to come to any conclusions of a player during the WJCs but from what I saw he's going to be a responsible player who distributes the puck very well but not sure if he has the offensive instincts to be a very effective offensive player at the NHL level. Watching him play makes me think they should convert him to center. The way he focuses on defensive play and distributes the puck makes me think he's a perfect 3rd line center that could be a solid 2nd if he develops his offensive game more.
  13. Yes you can. Its entirely possible he'd be in the NHL or its possible he'd still be developing in the AHL. Maybe have some call ups but I'm just not sold on Juolevi's foot speed being NHL caliber and I'm not sold that that's because of the injuries
  14. That's no guarantee. I just addressed this a post above. When I first made the point I was more alluding to his pro scouting and evaluation of defensive talent overall rather than just drafting. I'll agree he hasn't made enough draft picks of defenders to really decide either way and because quite a few are still developing.