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  1. If the ref called every penalty in the playoffs like regular season, big defenseman will not be needed but with the way ref called the playoffs, not giving their star players benefit of doubt, this will continue for foreseen future so we need some balance in the line-up, a mixture of big defensemen goes along with smaller skilled D-men is still needed for regular season but for playoffs, we still need some big bodies on the ice. Big D-men is still valuable in today's game, still.
  2. Same here. I am hoping that his role would be different and allow for Shaw to be in charge of defensemen group and allow Baumgartner getting different perspective while doing a different role. I'm not exactly sure of his role for next season.
  3. I didn't watch the playoffs and when I saw the headlines the other day about the Leafs' loss to Canadiens in Game 7, I laughed at them of my first reaction. I knew that lack of depth will be their undoing. An expensive free agents is not he way to go. A reasonable free agent signings at this point forward for the Canucks will be cheaper depth to shore up any holes in the line-up when veterans' contract coming off the book The Canucks forward group is set for years to come and their only glaring weakness is the defensemen depth. The playoffs is a different beast as it's proven
  4. Patience is a virtue and it's still true today. A quick fix will not do it. Even with McDavid, you still need to build your team or else, you'd be swept away. We don't want that to happen when our young players getting better and better each year with drafting seems to be the key nowadays. We don't want to be like Oilers that went a decade without a playoffs then getting knocked out early in the playoffs due to lack of depth.
  5. I think that Green needs a new voice in assistant coaches. Newell Brown who I did not like how PP ran with skilled players struggling when compared to 5 on 5 play. Baumer is one who struggled to be a defensive sound and often goaltender has to bail them out. It should not be that way so maybe it's time for a new assistant coaches and keep Ian Clark whenever possible. Players clearly like to play for Green as indicated by their play even when they are fatigued by the compressed schedule over final weeks. I am not a fan of Green's work as of late. If the management gave him the vote of c
  6. I like Aquaman's backbone and say to the fans, Jim Benning is what I want. There is a reason why he wants Benning to stay is because of drafting and he obeyed to my wishes by staying competitive since he was hired in 2014. If he told Aquaman that this team is not good enough, he wouldn't be hired because there was a leftover of 2011 finalist at that time. Benning believed in this team and would give them every opportunity to remain competitive while rebuilding the prospect pool. In despite of losing and pressure by fanbase, he obeyed the owner's wishes and tried his best and he rewarded
  7. I would want to keep him for one more year or two. It's clearly that JB needs help with trading aspect and signings but he's the best drafting GM we ever had. It's important to have a management team in term of teamwork. Delegating the roles in term of negotiation for trades or FA signing to someone else but as long as the GM makes the final decision of what type of roster he wants to see for best value of assets we have. If GM makes the list of players he wants, delegate someone else for negotiation and if the value is fair, the GM still have the final decision. I just do
  8. His contract expires so it's more of he does not want to negotiate for a new contract. It's not firing or quitting, it's just that his term ends this summer.
  9. Let this play out and find out the truth which is more important than sweeping under the rug. Virtanen has the right to a fair due process that is afforded to him in Canada. We don't need to go out with pitchforks.
  10. In my opinion, if I'm a GM, I would do it just to protect and force themselves making the team. I would not do 3-4 years contract that he did to Beagle or Rossell but I would do 2 years with 1 or 2 extra million dollars if nobody wants to come here. I would not do mid-term contract like JB did but I'm willing to give him a slack because he was a rookie GM when he did this. Now, we do not know what GMJB will do this coming off-season with more free agents pool just to fill in some needs once Petterson and Hughes is locked in for next few years. If he feels that some of his prospects are re
  11. Overpayment of the veterans is an necessary evil and it's meant to protect their own prospects from thrown to the wolves.. The timeline was screwed up because their prospects got better quicker than Benning expected. I'm sure that this coming off-season will mark his stamp of the team with contracts coming off the books. He got Pearson signed with 50K less on cap hits. Remember, we played without Petterson for almost two months and they did all right. Before they come back from Covid-19 outbreak, we didn't expect them to make the noise for one month stretch of horrendous schedule. I ex
  12. Firing Benning is non-sense by any stretch of imagination. This season is not Benning's fault, it's just a crapshoot season with Covid-19 outbreak within the team. They didn't have any full practice time or any recovery with horrible first half of schedule and Covid-19 has ruined this team. . I hope that next season will be much better with better schedule, I hope. He made the right moves this past off-season.
  13. Simple solution, don't allow access from the media to the player for a whole season in the dressing room and only allow reporters on the road to conduct an interview and that's it. Keep them away from the spotlight as much as possible while at home, to allow for breathing room. Pre-game interview for a broadcast is ok but no post-game interview where everything is under microscope. That's my solution. It should be the same for every team, they should have the right to ban any media reporter in the dressing room at any time.
  14. I wouldn't mind if they are divisional focused schedule rather than travel to Mid-West states and stay within their time zone as much as passible.
  15. I would rather Canucks AHL team stay in Utica for one following reason, travel and practice. If they move to Pacific Division in AHL, they wouldn't get any benefits and actually suffers more with longer travel and fewer practice days.
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