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  1. Leafs made the playoffs only once when JB joined the team so technically, they made the playoffs in a lockout year and before that, they were in rebuilding for a decade with no real depth. This is an anomaly year and the owner has backed up GMJB and the coach is all what it counts. I however disagree about the coach, specifically their assistant coach, Baumer and Brown. They should have let them go at end of the season but they wanted to give them another year after the run so I'll give them that but I still feel that their assistant coaches are letting Green down, tbh. A stronger assistant coach will make the head coach look good. Not to mention, I have looked at the standing when comparing to the U.S. teams and the North division, the Canucks have literally had very little practice time with too many games and no downtime even during their home games stretch last month while other teams have had that privilege. It's hard to blame the coach and the players for that record they are having this year.
  2. One thing to point out, what if Shanaplan didn't work out by failing to win the lottery, they do not get Matthews as they gambled and worked out for them. Their 4th overall pick will probably not a difference-maker for them even today's age. They needed Matthews to get where they are today. The Leafs were able to toy with us because they were rested while the Canucks were on the road, after played back to back games against the Habs and again, the Leafs have had practice time and rest advantage into the series and it showed.
  3. You need to take a look at the NHL rules regarding to 50 contract limit and there is only so much spots. If we have had 60 draft picks, we need at least 10-15 veterans to insulate the team and ability to develop their draft picks properly, and we lose maybe 10-20 draft picks in last 7 years due to this rule called unsigned prospects by the time they are 20 are automatic sent back to the draft pick and other teams take them. It is a wasted asset and wasted rebuilding the team years by not being able to develop their own players properly. The effect is what we see the Leafs and the Oilers on a losing culture for years with no real depth to back them up. With the lottery rules in place, considering the #1 overall picks goes to teams that is not bottom 5 in last few years. Had the top 3 pick lottery in place before McDavid/Matthews, they are extremely lucky to land in that spot. Had it not for them, the Leafs and the Oilers will be dead in the water in the basement for years by now. Also considering the Oilers had too many top 10 picks and where are they now? They are not with the Oilers anymore, see Hall, Yak as one of the examples. Benning has this strategy right and the result will speak for itself with the patience approach by signing expensive free agents that is bottom 6 else they wouldn't be coming here. It is a price to pay when we were unable to attract some free agents if we are too cheap, the result will not be pretty. Once we turn into a powerhouse, it becomes easier to entice quality bottom 6 players for cheap. Nobody wants to go to a lousy team and everybody wants to play for a winner and that is the reality of the cost of overpay their players in order to build a quality team. Best of them all, the term is just about right, it is not too long of a term to handcuff us like that. Leafs may have their own 11 million players but you fail to recognize once their own star players is up for a contract, they can't afford them and depth will not be good after a few years. No way the Leafs will be able to win the Cup with this and the weak North division will be exposed to a real team once they reach the final 4.
  4. I agree with the owner and I'm on the owner side rather than fan base jerk-reaction. I have been saying that Benning deserves to have one more off-season and one more draft year to piece the puzzle together as a team and I can see that his draft picks is panning out in a positive way. We are still a young team who is learning their way and we are a target team who had a very little practice time so far while other teams in the division have had their days off and have had their practice time and it shows. We needn't panic and even if this is a write-off year, we shouldn't do rash decision by firing our GM that made many good picks and trades to get where we are. We might make up some grounds and get that 4th spot if we keep on beating teams above the standing and wins some series little by little. Look at teams that we lost to, mostly Montreal and Toronto. On the flip-side, other teams in the North will not have much time to work out their slump if it hits them while we might have a chance to catch our breathe and fix our issues. The true gauge of the stretch is mid-season is where teams make up grounds or sinks in the water so we are almost approaching the mid-season with 3 weeks with more home games to make up. We have played 18 games while others having much less games. Also I do not believe we have played a tired team just yet. 6 games vs. a tired team and we might get 12 possible points to make up the ground.
  5. Let's be realistic about our chance this year. The best we can aim is for 3rd place in the North Division and face one of Habs or Leafs in the playoffs. We know that we can play better hockey versus other teams than Habs or the Leafs due to the defensive breakdowns. In reality, we are competing with Flames, Oilers and the Jets for the spots and Ottawa is more likely be out of the playoffs. If we do meet the Leafs or the Habs, we do not have the defense support to shutdown their top line. So expect another year of growing pains until at least this off-season with losing one player to Seattle and more cap space to sign any UFA. I also am expecting a new coach this off-season, I am thinking that Green will be let go at end of his contract rather than firing him during the season. I would be surprised if Benning decide to fire Green before the end of season as it is not his character to fire somebody during mid-season. I also feel that Benning should be given its final chance this off-season free agents with his final draft as it's going to be his 7th season which should be a normal length of tenure for any GM. If the team improves greatly next season, I would foreseen him being a long term GM for the Canucks.
  6. Give this team time to improve. You have to keep in mind that they have played more games so far with so little practice time with most back to back games than other teams in the division with more road games so far. They didn't get a chance to settle down during their home stretch with more practice time with so many back to back situations. The Leafs,and the Habs from last week had their rest and practice time in and it sure showed while the Canucks hadn't had enough practice time in so far and probably won't until March. You need 3-4 days off to get in practice time in when starting out in the season.
  7. I didn't watch the game yet and already there's fired Green crowd coming out alive tonight when I checked in the forum. I think I'll take a pass for this one. Too negative at the moment.
  8. This, I agree. Green should be given a chance to work with any better assistant coaches than those. You saw what the Canucks is capable of against Sens and the Jets.
  9. Why can't they use Honglander as a last man back? He has much better puck control than Gaudette and Pearson. Not to mention, a much better skater.
  10. 2nd unit is going to score bunches of goals after showing what they could do with some chance like Horvat tic tac toe passes vs. MTL last week.
  11. If we continue to criticize Benning for every little faults and the team don't perform, I would bet you that Benning would be able to find a GM job by other team easily. based on his draft work alone and will be given every opportunity that he is afforded here by other team. That is how valuable Benning is and we can't lose the hindsight of the reality, the flat cap that Benning was not prepared for and it's not his fault and he had to make the difficult decisions but good news: Benning will have its opportunity to get some good from free agents or trades in the off-season. He made his mistakes on his first few years but he has been good lately despite the slow start this season. If we miss the playoffs, that is ok, He should be given one more year for a chance to improve his roster. I believe that the owner is also realistic and was pleased with his work from the past year.
  12. My issue here is the way assistant coach teaches their group how to play a special teams like PP or a defensive structure. These are the culprit for they inability to sustain the attack and would use a perimeter defense for a low shots chances. My concern of allowing too many shots wears out goalies and could cause some injury so if you ask me, I would rather having Larry Robinson as an assistant coach to teach our guys how to play defense and breakout passes. Brown and Baumer has to go, imo. Green in other hand, is still out there because of his playoff run and I don't mind his style. I think that Green has nothing to do with defence and PP but would give his input but mostly Brown runs PP and Baumer runs defence.
  13. I believe he has but it was a right philosophy at that time to overpay some players who might not want to be here unless they are paid handsomely. We had no other choice. However, we were not expected to shorten the timeline by a couple of seasons. The games against Montreal exposed the holes we have even if we find some free agents. It wouldn't change the timeline of when they are ready to contend for the Cup. That will come later.
  14. Bingo. Sens are the mirror as we were in 2015-16 to today is a perfect example of how to rebuild properly. We are not expected to go anywhere this season as Montreal whopped us last week. Expect the struggles until we prove otherwise. Once our draft picks is in prime, we'll be in a much much better shape than rest of the league.
  15. When you consider his status as a rookie GM, sure, his method of trading was bad the first year but you can't deny that he also brought us some goodies. After identified his mistakes, he quickly let them go through trade rather than keeping them and the team started to improve. This indicates that he is able to handle the learning curve. His trades has been excellent for a few years. I do however agree that his free agent is poor but he has not done any free agent this past off-season save for Hamoic and Holtby I have a feeling that once the cap space is created through expansion draft and contract coming off the books, he should be able to find players that he wanted with more room, not for long term but short term as well. Honestly, I do not expect the Canucks to go anywhere until Luongo's recapture penalty is off the books for their spending power to return to the full strength in the cap world. Any other GM that has to deal with Luongo's recapture will hamstrung any other GM in the league and Benning has done fairly well managing this obstacles.