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    Vancouver Canuck fans: TSN, the CBC, and all eastern hockey media with their Anti-Canuck bias and hatred, needs to be banned forever. Stop watching them now.


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  1. BAN TSN!


    Oh wait.  They're gone.

    1. -SN-


      You won...

  2. Some players just won't ever win anything.  One of those players is Barzal.

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    2. RRypien37


      Please tell us more fortunate teller...when will the world end? Is there an afterlife?

    3. Tearloch7


      Barzal will have an amazing career .. :)

    4. Tre Mac

      Tre Mac

      I actually agree.  A lot of selfish puck carrying and a costly turnover.

  3. Are you prepared?

    1. Wilbur


      No.  I mean, yes.  Maybe?

    2. DontMessMe


      ... To draft Logon brown at #5? 


      Im not... Cant wait to see all the CDC members rage IF Benning picks Brown at #5 

    3. Kazmanian Devil
  4. New single by 90's band Garbage. Basic riff and song. I like the droning synth for the chorus though. Decent single.
  5. Glad Bonino's gone.  So he can get a shot at a cup.  He needed to be back on a 3rd line to do it.

    1. Time Lord

      Time Lord

      Still had 16 points in 15 games when Malkin was injured, playing on their 2nd line

    2. 87Crosby


      So happy for him, but he would never have that kind of success here. The speed of the penguins, their offense from defense and the star(s) they have are another class compared to Vancouver. He played with Kessel when Malkin was injured, here as a 2C he would have played with Vrbata. 

  6. People fretting over the loss of another 2nd rounder need to catch up.  They should have been fretting more about Schroeder and other obviously horrible 1st round choices that put this team where it's gone in recent seasons.

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    2. Green Building

      Green Building

      Too bad Baer doesn't look like he'll be a 20 goal scorer. Another wasted 2nd rounder.



    3. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      baer hasn't impressed me much yet, but lets hope has something he hasn't given yet...i don't see him in the top 6 yet...our left side is weak...tkachuk or dubois and maybe virtanen over there would give us a better chance...with boeser and rodin on the right side....

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      ^ I like Baer. He displayed his worth last year and should hopefully looks even better this season. When he first showed up he didn't have the confidence to drive any plays. He certainly doesn't have the size to be a wrecking ball, but when he's on his game his skill level puts him up a notch.


      Worth the pick in my opinion.

  7. This thread is referencing them. But i'm referring to how they're meaningless. As you were.
  8. YAAA Gudbranson Era, Bitches.

  9. Sanders is the only reason why this poll's numbers are the way they are. Once he is out, Clinton will dominate Trump. It's just math. Normal people and minorities out-number bigots and crazies in the USA.
  10. The draft lottery is this far before the draft because it gives people more time to tell us who their super awesome favorite draft choices are.

    1. Guest



    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      you know we are all smarter and more knowledgeable than this guy named benning.....he should run a pool among cdc so he can learn who he should draft...

    3. Wilbur


      Where have you been?  People don't need the draft lottery to share who their super awesome draft choices are.

  11. I haven't been around. But nothing's changed. The guy's been quoting me for a year and a half. A true hero.
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