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  1. I’m looking more at the records of the teams we’ve played / lost to, and thinking this road trip had more difficult teams than first anticipated. Canucks will come around. The Hawks and Kraken will be just what the doctor ordered.
  2. Tough second half to watch. Only bright spot is that the extra points that we’re handing out to Sabres and these other Eastern team will help to get them ahead of Leafs. I hope we get our first regulation win soon.
  3. I can’t believe there was so much debate earlier about maybe the Canucks taking this homeboy on. What a loser he is. And I’m so glad he’s nowhere near this team. This guy just can’t grow up.
  4. I’d say midget is nowhere near the N word, but on the same level as calling someone retarded.
  5. Consider this: Saturday home games are the big winners for Canadian teams. They charge more for seats, get tons more viewers, and the viewership hears the crowds cheering for the hometown, bringing to life new fans across the country, on CBC national coverage. Canucks - five home game Saturdays all season. Toronto - 10 home game Saturdays all season.
  6. In all honesty, there should be a fine for using the word midget in that way. It’s an offensive term nowadays. Even a $5K fine would send the right message.
  7. One clip I’d like to get a better view of was the offside that was called against the Canucks when they came in for that slick passing and tip-in that most likely would have beat the goalie. They never did show an overhead view of how that was offside.
  8. People blaming refs in all of our games. It’s not the reffing. Sometimes you don’t get the breaks. The team played very well for a second consecutive night. It’s frustrating when we try that hard and have nothing to show for it. But whatever. It was a close game, and exciting to watch. We move on.
  9. This is looking like it could be a Canucks loss and Leafs win tonight. Worst kind of NHL night.
  10. Back to back nights… I just hope Canucks don’t take Wings lightly. Let’s keep it going!
  11. Canucks looked slick Wednesday. If they play like they did, this could be a fun one to watch. Hopefully Boeser returns for it.
  12. Even when we were losing, we were playing pretty well. Two points would have been nice, but what’s better is knowing we can compete at a high level by the looks of it. I hope we keep gelling and yes God that Myers hit on Keith should be played over and over.
  13. I think the whole fan base was thinking it. Hogz two points tonight. Why on earth does Pearson go before him?
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