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  1. Plus....He did not shoot. Who knows how that would of turned out?
  2. Is there a Simpsons episode with a bunch of Rednecks storming Capitol Hill??
  3. True that,I remember my mom having such a mark on her arm.It was a round circular shaped kind of scar.
  4. Here in Quebec Xmas is shut down,and they might impose full on lock down during the holidays. But,folks are going with the flow around here in the red zone.
  5. This is the face of Covid. This little girl just lost her dad to Covid a day before this picture was takin last week,and my GF photographer randomly came across her in a family photo shoot,and noticed her alone in the corner. She asked if she was ok,and the family said she was a niece that had just lost her dad.She was was with them to give the grieving mom a little time to herself. Totally randome picture,but sure makes you think about how real this disease is.
  6. He's acting this way because his base are his cash cow. Sad to see really.
  7. Giuliani the superspreader has coronavirus. Man this is getting crazier each and every day.
  8. I can't see Trump TV being a success.What are people gonna do,watch Trump spew out a bunch BS 24/7. I could see that get old real quick. Plus,how many Companies would be willing to pay for advertising on such a propaganda machine.
  9. Not the police,the employees will have to enforce these rules.I work in a store,and at thirteen bucks an hour,I wont get in a fist fight with someone who don't want to wear a mask. Like I said earlier,Theres a lot of uncertanty and anxiousness about all this mask wearing thing
  10. I know,looks really bad for the cops, That's why all this could turn into a gong show.
  11. Thought that as well but I realized she was inhaling mist from the mace that her hubby got. She mentions it during the video.The cops were over zelious on this one. Legault mentioned that, till August first,there will be warnings given, but no interventions as we saw on this video. So it will become very interesting here, in the next couple of weeks. All in all,this can save our asses come this fall.
  12. I'm just glad I live in rural Quebec,but people are feeling not so good about all this.
  13. First day of mandatory mask wearing in Quebec
  14. Starting in two and a half hours,in Quebec...Mandatory masks,anywhere you go,including at work. Only issue,is who is gonna inforce this. Could get very ugly here in Quebec farm lands. Can't wait till Monday.
  15. I was just saying the same today at work,i cannot see another four years of Trump....Please no.