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  1. blaise

    NBA Discussion

    Good preseason game tonight in Toronto. Great young team coming up.plus were back at home.....finally. RAPS
  2. With Super Fan Nav in the background,our Canadian closer Jordan Romano finishes this one.We still got a fighting chance.
  3. CBC is covering this really well. Another Canada and world historic moment going on right now.
  4. The two Micheals coming home....Good news for once.
  5. Been on this forum since 2006,and I always thought of this place as a microcosme of what our society thinks, almost like the pulse of our everyday thinking of what is going on day by day. Lot of discussions going on in here but CDC promotes a healthy dose of honest discussion and when things get heated,its very well moderated. GO CANUCKS
  6. Nah man,no matter where they play,they represent Canada,that's where my heart is when cheering for out of town Canadian teams. IPlus there winning,how can you not cheer for that,I do...
  7. WoW,what an end to to a historic sports day in Canada......Go Jays
  8. blaise


    wow what a comeback down 0-40
  9. blaise


    There we go,a little smile and fist pump.
  10. blaise


    No fist in the air yet for Leylah. That's good,not time to celebrate quite yet
  11. blaise


    Djoker in the finals
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