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  1. This is what kills me. Nurses get all the credit and techs and doctors get very little. My wife is a cardio tech and is working as much as the nurses yet she gets no credit. You have no idea what you are talking about. The nurses are constantly getting free food brought to them at Abbotsford by restaurants. On top of that they have been given danger pay almost the whole time we’ll my wife has received about 6 months total. They are given more then enough credit. My wife is around covid patients just as much and yet because she’s in a different union gets a lot less in returns.
  2. So even the Russians pulled out a bunch of staff / nationals. Man those soldiers must be bloody hot sitting their.. On a side note I wonder what will happen to the 600 plus Afgan army that is still inside the airfield area helping protect it. 1 was killed and a few were wounded a few days ago. You know if these guys surrender a lot of them will be killed.
  3. https://funker530.com/video/british-paras-scathing-details-of-botched-us-evacuation-in-kabul/ I hope this isn't true but it would surprise me honestly.. We have received disturbing information from British "Paras" of the UK's 16 Air Assault Brigade regarding their experiences and perceptions on the ground in Kabul during the US-led effort to evacuate Western forces and allies. The reports claim that British troops are not being given any information by the US officers, to include the UK's top officer in the operation, Vice Admiral Ben Key, who was re
  4. Panjshir as usual is the only place to resist the Taliban. Seems like they are pushing out North from their. It's a natural strong hold. Hopefully they start to gain support from the international community.
  5. Even if this isn't entirely true with how it's currently going down, still a funny video!
  6. He has to remember the lines to his speech. Will take him a few days to learn them. He will still make a mess of it.
  7. It will return to bombing to oblivion. Something will happen and they will start bombing again. A lot more innocent people are dying right now in the hands of the taliban. Some newly posted videos today show them mowing down a bunch of Afghan soldiers sitting on the ground in a group..
  8. Have the Americans been doing any airstrikes ? I mean the Taliban are in the wide open now.
  9. let the unvaccinated die for all i care. I have many friends from high school who will not get vaccinated due to it being so "harmful".......................... Meanwhile they get drunk and eat fast food every weekend... I need to rethink my friends ...
  10. Remember when ISIS had kobani syria in their grasp. They had almost half the city taken from the kurds.. Then the yanks stepped in and directed over 15-25 airstrikes a day over a week and a half period. The airstikes alone decimated over 1100 isis tards! I wonder if they will do this again in Kabul ?
  11. Well hes not wrong.. They spend 100s of billions on these wars.. Meanwhile they have major issues in there own country..
  12. So much useless money spent and went missing in that country like Iraq... Meanwhile the American's ignore their own population.
  13. Love this depth signing. Local guy from maple ridge!!!!
  14. Tampa is on another lvl. Poor Canadians.. This reeks of when we slipped into the finals vs the islanders...
  15. Apparently the whole town is gone ? Hearing this from friends who live in the area?!?!??!
  16. I got my frist Moderna vaccine at the Haney Mall in Maple Ridge yesterday at 1.30ish. By 10 PM I was sore in my whole body. This morning when I woke up I could barley move my arm and now super weak and cold like symptoms through out the day. Now I'm stuck in the bathroom... Ugh.
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