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  1. I know, I look like a generic troll on CDC or something... I don't know what to put there though. Also - fracking Hawks!

  2. yesss I am! lol.. where's your pic?? ur 1 cowlick away from looking like a facebook user :P

  3. Enucky-Eeeenuck, you're still around!

  4. lol @ your profile pic! Nope haven't been at LGK for a few days

  5. You still post on LGK?

  6. meh, just got back from PTO on the 9th.. what's shaken?

  7. How's things E?

  8. I still have a crappy warning status because of when I called you an idiot, twice. That was over a year ago. You were pretty funny at times.

  9. Hah Enuck... I guess you're winning the negative rep race now :/

  10. The pic I had was Ig and Huselius I believe..havent been photoshopping much these days..I'll see if I can get inspired

  11. Hey Enuck, don't you have that sig of Phaneuf and Iginla hugging each other? That was funny... if you still have it sent it over :D

  12. ha ha... your rep is 2x worse than mine.. 'grats :D

  13. Whoa you really are a grouchy person... since when is a sin to like a pretty boy? jealous much? I never knew 24 is the new 50.... I guess I should go sit on my couch and knit some sweaters... Oh silly me for liking someone...

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