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  1. I think theres very little chance that he'd report to the AHL. Tryamkin stated last summer that he isnt in a rush to make the jump over to North America and would be open to resigning in the KHL. What we could do, and probably have to do, is something along the lines of what Chicago did with Panarin: offer a bonus laden entry level deal and an out clause that allows him to go back to the KHL for the rest of the season if he doesn't make the Canucks roster .
  2. Would be the best route, IMO. However John Shannon reported a few games ago that he spoke to Benning and Benning stated that he will NOT be going back to Calgary.
  3. Great decision sending Jake down if true.
  4. Second worst team in the league and sporting a -24 goal differential
  5. https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/CUc2kzxXIAQ3QNv.mp4 Nice goal , but man that defense
  6. From Freidman's 30 thoughts: http://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/30-thoughts-try-bigger-nets-in-the-all-star-game/ I really hope they can convince him to come over, I'm just not sure he would be interested in doing so playing for the Comets.
  7. Brand new Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer! Better than all the rest. Asian release but it's in English!

  8. That end to end rush was a beauty. Such a great smooth skater, I think once he gains a bit more confidence we will be seeing more rushes like that.
  9. I think the mistrust comes from his usage. He didn't really have a defined role. He was used anywhere from line 1-3 last year and he saw his TOI drop by a full 3 minutes in his draft +1 year, that shouldn't happen. Only the coaching staff know for sure why that is, but if the trend continues then that is concerning and I wouldn't want him back there either.
  10. People are mistaking hockey IQ with offensive creativity. He is not lacking in the former but he is certainly lacking in the latter
  11. Whatever makes u sleep better at night. We didn't pick the BPA and that's the fact of the matter. It was very obvious at the time, and now with hindsight it's not even debatable. If there were to be a redraft done at this point, the only people picking Jake in the top ten of last years draft are CDC homers. He's tracking very similarly to Raffi Torres who ironically was taken 5th overall. That's not to say the Jake won't be a good player in his own right. He just isn't projecting to be the type of player you look for offensively at 6th overall.
  12. Jake's a 40 point player in his prime IMO. Really hope I'm wrong but he hasn't showed me anything to make me think otherwise. I will run and hide now while the blind homers on here throw stuff at me
  13. I agree with you and I'd like to point out that it's certainly no guarantee that he'd get "20+ minutes" on the Hitmen. He barely cleared 17 minutes last year, which is absolutely ridiculous
  14. Didn't know much about him but from reading the scouting reports and hearing him speak I really like this pick. Seems like a really good kid with a great head on his shoulders. He says he models his game after Vlasic and if he can even become half of the player Vlasic is I would be pleased.
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