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  1. Gotta love how he can one time the puck from anywhere and be pretty accurate.
  2. Am I seeing it right that Colorado got sens 1st pick this year which is looking to be top 3? Maybe we can target Colorado for their own first in a trade as it looks like they will be fighting for playoffs.
  3. Tbh I doubt they retire next year. I think they play another few years to see this thing through with the young swedes and up and comers. Likely in a 2nd then 3rd line role and well reduced contracts. If they are smart about it they might catch on our resurgence year ala toronto and edmonton this year. If we can grab a game breaker rookie at the top of next years draft we are well on our way.
  4. Quick release. Hard shot with velocity. Nose for the net and goes to scoring positions. Wastes no time letting the puck go. Good vision and can skate well. He's got all the things you look for in a scoring forward and could become a 2nd or 3 line scoring threat and PP specialist. Gem of a pick in the 5th round. Love to seem him in Utica with Brock next year!
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