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  1. The NHL is a much different game than the MHL and the scouts look for translatable skills when drafting. Just because dorofyev score more in MHL doesn’t at all mean he will produce better than podz in the nhl. I think podz skillset will work very well in the nhl and I would bet on podz having more of an impact for an nhl team.
  2. It should be based on the fact that teams shelter “retired” players that had long contracts through LTIR. Which is worse? Signing a player within the rules with intention of having him play the contract or have players fail physicals to pay them but not count the cap. Especially when some teams have even gained assets through this procedure. Players association Can’t be happy that this essentially kills potentially 9 million in potential earnings for the players over the next 3 years to dead cap space. i wouldnt be surprised if they did something as they basically allowed devils off the hook when kovalchuk retired away from his contract and went back to KHL.
  3. I think Miller is a great player. My only wish is that those assets were directed towards acquiring a defenseman which i think is a bigger issue for us than our forward group. I don’t mean PK either as the 9 mill cap is not something we need. Regarding Miller there is no doubt our top 6 just for much better. If you appreciate Horvat you will appreciate Miller. I just hope that we can find a way to use our depth of middle six guys or cap space to bring in a RD.
  4. This allows us to move sutter easier. eriksson will be gone. We have a decent forward crop now but my only problem is that we need to get good young dmen in our pipeline and we could have used our firsts over the next two years for building our defense. Maybe this trade allows us to move virtanen for barrie now that we have a better version on Virtanen in Miller.
  5. Also stoked about rolling petey and bo at centre and being able to alternate podkolzin and brock on any given night winger - petey - boeser winger - bo - podkolzin
  6. Both him and tree will probably come in for 2020-2021
  7. Would have been mad if we took podz ofver zegras but once zegras went i was impartial on the next few guys and think podz is great value.
  8. I wish but theres no way in hell. eriksson situation is only slightly less terrible than the lucic situation. I think we would be lucky if they would give us a 2nd or 3rd rounder in the swap to be honest.
  9. Perry was once a “teenage dream” of mine to be in van. His career has been “Hot n Cold” Now Im guessing he’ll be “waking up in vegas” keep the door open gents.
  10. Whats the deal with the american dman Fensore. Is he eligible this year? Looked really good in the u18 on the right aide. Good vision and really good mobility.
  11. Colorado has a filthy defense going forward. If they add Byram it just wont even be funny. They have Barrie, Makar, Girard, Johnson and Timmins on the way. Would be without a doubt the best top 6 in the league in a year or two especially adding Byram. But i think there could be a possibility that they would consider moving the pick. I think they would like to add depth up front in their top 9. Virtanen, Dipietro and our number 10 for number 4 overall? I know its a lot to trade to move up 6 spots but thats usually what you gotta do to move up. If there was a year where it might make sense it might be this year because the forwards between 4-10 are relatively equal so if avs prefer a forward over defense then it is almost a no brainer for them to do a trade down. They could probably grab boldy or krebs at 10 and still grab another dman with their 2nd first. Avs would be looking deep with adding a stud goalie prospect, virts speed fits their style well, and still have two solid firsts to work with.
  12. Seems to play as more of a distributor from what I have watched of him. Patient player with great instincts and vision.
  13. Only way i would do it would be our 1st this year, 1st next year, and one of joelevi or virtanen for 1st overall. Thats the only way I could see NJ consider it with out including a roster stud. Steep price since its likely a lottery pick next year which could be equivalent of 3 top 10 prospects for 1.
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