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  1. Green has been watching him very closely during games and the tapes and knows he's got a future Stecher/Tanev type with a stronger physical edge. I really like how Green works with the young players and closely with them at times making sure they know what they have to do and showing them encouragement at what they do well he's a perfect hire by Benning imo.
  2. This is obviously coach Green laying out a challenge to Chatfield hoping he grows to what is already a very strong game. I have no doubt Chatfield will come up and do great things when he gets the call due to injury and that one day he'll be a top 4 defenseman hopefully it's for us.
  3. We'll definitely be seeing Chatfield again soon from all I've seen he could play at the NHL level now his game is that strong enough all around. I've been saying this for a while that he is a cross between Tanev and Stecher 2 dmen I think are hands down our best and if there's any difference it's that he plays a bit more nasty and stronger physically which I consider a huge bonus. I'm completely sold that this kid has the skill, intelligence, work ethic and attitude to be a top 4 defenseman for us and I'm really looking forward to young Chatfield really helping our team win with th
  4. Up until the recent media I believe Gaudette has been very underrated and still do. This kid brings everything to the table and is going to be a real bitch to play against for his opponents I have no doubt. His relentless work ethic and ability to make teams turnover the puck to go with all his skill is something special and a very very strong team need. Kids like this turn into great pro's and they almost always will their team to win championships or come real close! Can't wait to see this kid later this season and I'd be absolutely shocked if he doesn't r
  5. Wow great to see especially considering the guys above him likely aren't 2nd line players getting less ice time and pk guys.
  6. Welcome back Mathieu and it's great to have you on our team! Didn't get to watch you play that much before becoming a Canuck but i have to give you props for running that powerplay and being a serious scoring threat back there from what i have seen. Your confidence, sound defensive game, ability to walk the line as smooth as you do, ability to get very powerful shots on the net, effective backboard carom passes and great passes to teammates is very noticeable and obviously with more time played will only get better. I am just very excited to see you help our team reach the next level
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