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  1. Could give us a shot at Hamonic if Tanev is indeed signing in CGY.
  2. Decided to build from the back-end out. Tracey ($2) - Turcotte ($4) - Kayliyev ($3) Byram ($5) - Korczak ($2) Knight ($4) Ps: I'm pretty sure this is the best team possible
  3. I'd say this is a fair assumption based on being part of a very offensively gifted team. It's hard to gauge (for me) how good the CGY Hitmen will be next season but I certainly wouldn't expect an increase in production (I don't see him having a drop off either). I think if you ask most prospect savvy people(including scouts) they probably wouldn't project Jett Woo to be an offensive catalyst when he reaches the NHL, His game is predicated more on a 2-Way level with added physicality and leadership qualities. The increase in offense at the Jr level is obviously much welcomed as it's shown every
  4. Maybe not next season but i think these lines would look good down the road. Sedin - Sedin - Sutter Eriksson- Horvat - Boeser Baertschi - Granlund - Hansen Virtanen - Gaunce - Rodin Dorsett Edler - Tanev Hutton - Gudbranson Juolevi - Stetcher Sbisa - Tryamkin Markstrom ???
  5. Oh Man, thx a ton dude !!
  6. Alf if i didn't know better I'd say you were Val Venis
  7. The days of the "4th line" are over my friend, more and more teams are running all there lines and in the West it's the only way to survive. Also no one is really "stuck" on a line they will play there way up or down.
  8. Lol ok my turn I could see it shaking out to something like this if Horvat makes the team. D. Sedin - H. Sedin - Vrbata Matthias - Bonino - Burrows Higgins - Vey - Kassian Richardson <-> Horvat - Hansen Sestito, Dorsett Richardson and Horvat can alternate as needed.
  9. Because we're not making the playoffs and its also not a good situation up on the big club for a young player to soak up.
  10. We shouldn't be penciling Horvat into next seasons line up at this point. If he comes in and earns a spot then great but another year of Junior wouldn't be bad either. When I look at Horvat I'm reminded a bit of Mark Scheifele and how he was brought up, both being similar players in my mind with similar shortcomings coming out of the draft (mainly skating). Horvat has some speed which I'm not debating but his overall agility and edge-work need some more developing. A strong off season and I'm sure he can make some strides in that department but even then it wouldn't be a bad idea to let hi
  11. Exciting time of year and since everyone else is sitting comfortably in there GM armchairs, throwing out Pit - Van proposals I couldn't resist. DISCLAIMER: Bennett has been on IR since late November with a wrist injury and has very recently suffered a set back that's going to cost him another 3-4 weeks (peculiar timing? maybe). With him being injured I don't think we can include him in any package that goes down before the trade deadline and I think he's a must have if were to move Kesler to PIT. Regardless of injuries, for me an ideal package involving Pittsburgh would look something li
  12. Not the point I was trying to convey but I guess that's one way to look at it
  13. Sounds like WPG is putting big Buff up front as a forward so that should tell you guys what there needs are.
  14. Watched a few Wolves games over the week and Schroeder reminds me a lot of David Desharnais in MTL except with a better shot. If he keeps developing the way he has been lately I think he could put up similar numbers as well (60-65pts). Heck we could form our own version of Pacioretty - Desharnais - E.Cole in a couple years --> Jensen - Schroeder - Kassian. Having 2 power wingers would give Jordan the "freedom" to play his game and produce offensively the way he is capable of.
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