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  1. lol at your signature.

  2. happy birfday! yay yay yay!!!

  3. Your location is Vancouver but written in Katakana. Lol just finished Japanese 9. Korean is better though!!!

  4. Pixar shorts are so great. I just bought the incredibles DVD and saw Jack Jack Attack... XD It was so cute.

  5. haha yeah, Wall-E is indeed an excellent movie.

    The short before it (Presto) was awesome as well, especially the Rabbit.

  6. Wall-E~ I love that short animation before the movie. haha. So hilarious.

  7. Hey Cory, for a new blogger, you blog pretty well.
  8. :D thanks for the offer. haha I'm already a member.

  9. Anyone wants an invite to HFboards PM me.. (their registration is by invite now)

  10. congrats on winning the mini hockey sticks

  11. well ill just have to watch em online when i go home for weekends. i think they put them up right away so thats good

    too bad its not good enough to be shown in the states ;)

    I want that widow to get rich again...i dont kno i think shes cool...her daughter is an ass tho...i wonder what that key is for

  12. 9 pm.

    I think they move dit off fridays because it's a really bad timeslot for TV. Most people go out friday nights, so they don't watch at all.

    Tuesdays is better, unless there's a major american TV show on at the same slot.

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