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  1. Just deleted my Canucks App and reinstalled it. Still no message boards that I can find. Bizarre. Why would they make it so hard to find them? Boots up to the Homepage with All - News - Video - Photos - Audio across the top. No message boards that I can find anywhere under any of those headings. If I click on the three bars to the top left of the Home Page screen I get all the subheadings. News - Schedule - Team - Buy Tickets - Gameday - Social - Arena Map - 50/50 Draw - Contest and Offers - Rogers Arena Interactive - Seat Upgrades - Settings.
  2. Noticed my Canucks (NHL) iPhone App has updated a couple of times recently. Can't find the Message Boards to save my life. Anybody know where they are hiding them? Thanks in advance
  3. Rumor has it Barry Trotz didn't want to come here anyway. Heard that from the "The Moj" while driving home tonight. Promised to offer more details later in the show around 7:00. Can't remember who he was interviewing then. Not sure if he meant the Canucks specifically or just Canada in general. Might not have wanted to go from relative anonymity in Nashville to the fishbowl of Vancouver all in one move. Might have thought Washington was a happier medium. All a moot point now regardless
  4. I'll certainly agree there seems to be MUCH more to the "Torts" saga than first met the eye. Too bad, as I had really hoped he would give this stagnant core a deserved kick in the ass. Obviously all the other BS that went along with the "kick" is intolerable, and if true, certainly justifies the firing and then some. Rank him right up there with Mike Keenan and Bill LaForge for idiocy as well. On the better side, I'm sure his short tenure here will help Linden form certain opinions and ideas regarding the teams future direction as it is painfully obvious we need to change certain aspects of ou
  5. Agreed! Linden, etal better fix our roster this summer (or at least start to) because the current Canucks are NOT capable of playing the hockey we are watching in this years playoffs, and our two goalies (really like Lack by the way) are not capable of putting on some of the goaltending shows we have seen either.
  6. Edler for sure. Kesler has stated he wants to remain a Canuck as well.
  7. Tell me what Linden can really change thanks to MG and his rather lengthy, NTC contracts? Couple that with the fact that players have already stated they won't waive their NTC anyways. Looks like we are stuck with what we have give or take a few rookies possibly making the team. IMHO we need a new top 6 for Line 1 and Line 2 as well as an Erhoff type to bolster our defence. Hard to get that when you only have 5.6 million to play with and the current players you might possibly might want to move don't want to move. No smiley face for that, as well as the fact that I have no doubt that we will a
  8. Could very well be, but if the core remains basically the same, even Scotty Bowman could not resurrect this team and I have a bad feeling we'll be rehashing this thread and having the same discussion this time next year. Hope I'm wrong.
  9. Horrible mistake by Linden. Wrong move by the Canucks organization in general. Justifies the actions (or in this case) the NON actions of our core group and bolsters the fact that they were right and all the coaches (and a good number of the fans) were wrong. It's obvious that Linden (and all of us) are stuck with this lazy ass core for the foreseeable future thanks to all of the ridiculous NTC's handed out by MG. Obvious the players aren't going to waive either. Guess we'll never really know the whole story about what Torts was promised by MG when he was hired. Too bad. Sad for Torts being th
  10. Might as well face it. Torts isn't going anywhere this summer. Pretty sure Aquilini isn't going to payout Gills (most likely already happened) buyout what ever (name X) player in the summer, AND payout Torts as well? Yes Aquilini does have a lot of money, but he didn't get it by being frivolous. Besides have you read the papers lately? Appears the Aquilinis have been on a bit of a property - business buying spree. Might not feel too comfortable paying out a coach that just might pay dividends for the team given the right mix of players. Also. GM's and coaches see to be dropping like flies this
  11. Now that we have that settled and you appear to be happy, maybe we can get back on topic?
  12. I wouldn't talk about lacking substance. What team do you really support by the way? :)
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