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  1. Great game by Demko, he stole that one, Garland better than advertised, love that guy Its time to be worried about Petey, for all his talk about wanting to be on a winner, he needs to get going, where’s his amazing shot? Haven’t seen it yet this year
  2. Cause they’re Arizona, it’s mind boggling that they’d let him go
  3. So this is what it looks likes when the coach makes adjustments, haven’t seen that in 5 years
  4. 15 minutes without a shot is unacceptable, where is the team from the first 10 minutes
  5. Good quick start to this one, hopefully they show the same urgency on the powerplay
  6. This is the 3rd, you’d think that would be some kind of dubious record
  7. In the last 4 years I have never wanted a win more than today, just destroy these Starbucks latte drinking losers from Seattle
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