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  1. Had a chance to digest this deal: Garland is a good top 6 player, his contract will dictate how good this deal turns out to be as he’s an RFA. I like OEL, he will rebound and have 4 good years, last 2 years may not be so good. I like this but wish the 2nd wasn’t included and that Arizona retained 2-2.5million as Cam Robinson noted on Twitter: “Vancouver will have one 1st round pick, one 2nd round pick, and one 3rd round pick spread over 2020, 2021, and 2022 drafts. They were 24th in the league this past season.” this is the part that makes me hesitant, Jim better
  2. What his contract ends up being will decide how good of a deal this was, if they get him to sign a team friendly deal it could end up being Jim’s best move
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