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  1. That doesn’t work, they go into other activities (some even legal) right now the cartels in Mexico are making more money off avocados than drugs and also human trafficking across the southern border. They need to be declared terrorists and wiped out by force and any politician aligned with the cartels needs to be taken out with them
  2. Yeah it’s very rare that crimes are committed by PAL holder’s and with legal firearms, I get an inspection at my home randomly to check on my restricted guns (only twice in the last year) Maybe if they spent that time going after the real criminals and not some of the most responsible citizens this wouldn’t be an issue, but that doesn’t fit the narrative
  3. The reactions are gonna be funny when he gets suspended while Wilson got nothing, just shows what a clown show nhl head office is
  4. That looked kinda weak but it’s nurse diving so he gets to play the victim card
  5. Just saw what happened and the rangers statement, they are 100000% correct and even though it’s the rangers (still not over 94) they are probably one of the few franchises that could get away with that kind of statement. Parros was a clown as a player and even worse in head office but this speaks to a greater issue in head office, one we all saw in 2011. Wilson should be done for the season after that gutless attack
  6. Myers should do that to Matthews, it might knock that perv moustache off his face
  7. Not luck an absolutely boneheaded turnover by edler in the corner
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