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  1. Great so we gave up madden and a 2nd for 17 games, couldn’t get him at that price? Maybe the OEL deal isn’t dead, that’s the only thing that I can think of, if not then there’s bigger questions to be asked about the direction of this team
  2. Just watched the Dak injury, it’s kind of his own fault, a QB should always slide and live to play another down. People make fun of Russell Wilson always sliding but he’s played in every game so far in his career and this is why.
  3. Dammit Jim you’ve done so well this year to not repeat the terrible free agent deals of years past, don’t screw that up now with this... FML
  4. Please be wrong about this, would rather have Peitrangelo
  5. I don’t get this deal for the blues, they screwed up last year with Faulk, now they go after Krug and can’t sign their captain and best dman in Peitrangelo, and they still have to sign Dunn. Don’t get this one unless they know they can use significant amounts of LTIR money all season next year
  6. Great this confirms its demkos crease, holtby will be great if demko needs a break and can lessen the load on a first time starter. Bye marky you were great but you’re getting old and any long term deal would look terrible in 3-4 years
  7. These refs are just refusing to call anything on the islanders this ot, 5 or 6 easy calls not made
  8. Why pull so early, jeez what a terrible end. Great season anyway, see y’all next year
  9. I don’t care what happens tomorrow, they came back from being down 3-1 to force game 7 and beat the defending champs regardless what happens tomorrow I’m proud of this team