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  1. Anyone know why he fell so far in the 2016 draft? Hindsight is 20/20 but I'm sure we would all be happier if we had Chychrun instead of OJ
  2. I'm sure they would be even happier if they had that 4th overall pick and Bowen Byram. (Duchene Trade)
  3. I think EP40 is worth the 4 first round picks gamble. Not saying that we wouldn't match but in all fairness, let's look at a middle of the pack team and their last 4 first round picks. (I am using up until 2020 as an example) The 3 teams listed below technically have enough cap space today to cover $10,000,000+ Minnesota 2017 - Joseph (Traded to Arizona) 2018 - Johansson 2019 - Boldy 2020 - Rossi Columbus 2017 - Vesalainen (Traded to Vegas, traded to Winnipeg) 2018 - Foudy 2019 - Thomson (Traded to Ottawa) 2020 - Chinakhov New York Islanders 2017 - Brannstrom (Pick was traded to Vegas) 2018 - Wahlstrom 2019 - Holmstrom 2020 - Greig (Traded to Ottawa) Too bad his name wasn't Greg-strom Would you take any of those packages for EP40?
  4. Basically a roster update with Seattle.
  5. I'm still butt hurt that he nixed a trade to Vancouver. Even though I wouldn't want him.
  6. Just load up on LTIR players. Have a team that is $100 million over the cap. Be like the old Rangers teams. (Super stacked huge salary team but can't make the playoffs) Bure, Messier, Fleury, Holik, Lindros, Leetch, Nedved, Berard, Barnaby, Rucinsky, Malholtra, Blackburn, Richter, McCarthy, Johansson, Poti, York, Malakhov, Kasparatis, Dvorak, Samuelsson, Kovalev
  7. I still can't get over that arena name. Climate Pledge.
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