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  1. Even if they don’t lift the restrictions, it will probably be a month or so before they lift it.. crazy how Ontario allow full capacity at sporting events but only 50% at restaurants
  2. Yes ticketmaster is selling at 100%.. prices are always high on there.. the bigger draw games are always extra expensive
  3. I don’t see why they won’t lift it when everywhere else is 100%…. But I won’t be comfortable going if it’s 100% capacity.. I went to one preseason game and it was so good especially in the concourse.. cheap seats are pretty pack though..
  4. Crazy how much these players are being paid after their ELC.. now they are being paid for their potential.. Before u have to prove a few years after ELC than u get big money
  5. 5-1 oilers. Game winner - mcdavid. First Nuck goal - garland
  6. Without boeser, this team just doesn’t look really good or dangerous. It shows since he got injured. I can see oilers blowing out canucks tmr.
  7. Nice and cheap. But this guy hasn’t done much yet especially 5 on 5. With boeser out, I guess he will be useful on PP
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