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  1. I've been very distracted over the last week, but I'm ready to step in now. I'll read up and such as to what's happened over the last 50 pages as best I can. I'll make sure I'm not God killed.
  2. I know I no showed the last few times I've signed up, but I'll have some free time. Sign me up.
  3. I'm pretty excited for the finale. I think this last season has been pretty good, and that last episode was a nice set up. It's going to feel weird not having more of the story to follow going forward.
  4. I mean If someone had just tagged me earlier... I'm in, btw
  5. I am as well. My bad on the second one though.
  6. I was and still am inclined to vote for MR. I don't think I have any sway with the Vig, I mean I'm probably a top target, but I'd say big kill one of MR or Otherwise. Whoever survives the vote.
  7. Whichever combo doesn't involve myself I'm okay with.
  8. For real though, having spent some of last night and this morning looking at the series of events I would agree with MR looking not so great. Based on the player list it seems like there can't be more than five mafia, so we're likely in a great position, assuming they haven't narrowed down who the vig is.
  9. Ugh, the goddamn broken embedding system here.
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