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  1. No. It was way to cloudy to see anything. The only bad thing about this rain is that I’ve been working out hard for the last couple of months and I now have a six-pack, but it’s too cold to show off.

  2. It's still raining in Coquitlam. A little off-topic, it was really cold last night.

  3. He's currently the tag champs with Big Show. I can't believe he's still wrestling. I remember watching him in the mid 90's.

  4. Chris Jericho > most of the guys you listed.

  5. Booker T. He's like 46 and he's still fighting.

  6. As I stated, I highly doubt that you were.

  7. I highly doubt that you were.

  8. Many girls dream about me. It's not anything new.

  9. .. and yet you dream about me at night. Where is this going?

  10. You wish you sucked ... something

  11. That is lame. We don't even usually get snow in November, so what made you even turn your head?

  12. It might even be snowing right now.

  13. You know what isn't fun? Hot weather. Have you been outside tonight? It's freezing! WOO!

  14. Why do you insist on killing ever joke that I make?

  15. Did you even see the fracking TinyPic thing? Copy and paste in your search bar!

  16. You fail at so many things.

  17. Is that a complement or not? Because it's a little late right now and I've been drinking since 8.

  18. That's a pretty weak comeback, and that's saying a lot from me.

  19. Incredibly attractive. You should be my opposite.

  20. Boo. Hey, we're back to talking about Halloween again!

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