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  1. I believe that we were talking about Halloween a few months ago... You suck.

  2. I believe we were, and yes, Christmas is better than Halloween but that doesn't mean it's bad.

  3. NEVAR!!! This is random, but you know what I saw in the store Michaels today? A large isle of Halloween decorations. Isn’t that a bit early? I know it’s only a little more than two months away, but come on.

  4. Yeah, like 5 months. Old stuff!

  5. You had to bring back Resource Boy. Tsk.

  6. I had to google what you meant, but no results came up so I thought I was just fracking tupid. You really fracked up on that spelling.

  7. Really ugly gross? What the frack does that mean?

  8. I won $100 tonight! Good stuff. Also, the weather owns. It would be nice to have a little bit more sun, but the cool weather is great.

  9. Nothing. I'm just waiting for the Lions game to start so I can win money. What's with with you tonight? The weather has been great as of recently, and it's supposed to rain for the next week! Summer has just about ended.

  10. It's just an album. It doesn't really mean anything.

  11. It's not if you know what is means.

  12. The only thing that I suck at is sex, and at least I try my hardest.

  13. You like Big Brother, eh?

  14. Longest profile comment ever.

  15. It would be a massive blow to lose the twins. They are the lone reason why we had as much success as we did last season. Without them, Alex Burrows would have only scored about 15 goals. If we can't get them re-signed, I would hope that we would get one of either Gaborik or Cammalleri at the very least.

  16. That's a relief. Will you be watching TSN 2's coverage of Free Agency tomorrow? I'm 80% sure that we will sign either Gaborik or Cammalleri.

  17. lol @ the Oilers being denied.

  18. Weird. I was just thinking of you. What's up? Did you go to the Jonas Brothers concert? And no.

  19. You know that the video in your signature is fake, right? (the original one)

  20. Do you glow because your skin is oily?

  21. 2v2f5tk.jpg

    For the record, I didn't make it. But yeah, it's awesome.

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