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  1. On a $&!#ty team, this guy is top 5 ALL TIME offensive starts for a defenseman. What the hell are you going on about?
  2. This decision is beyond foolish. Green will not change his defensive zone systems, and this team will continue to give up 45 shots a night. I'm hanging 'em up as a fan of this franchise.
  3. It takes multiple influencers to enact any real kind of threat through this kind of action. The reality of it is, even if 15k seasons tix holders rage quit, there's 15k socialites chomping at the bit to get their taste. Live games is all about the social status box ticks, than it is about hockey.. or at least it is for around 18k of 20k seats.
  4. Canucks start the season 0-7, news spikes of otherwise able bodied young men mysteriously dropping dead.
  5. This just feels like PR moves to me, but hey, I'm simply a moron.
  6. This kind of come back is FAR more important for the guys who already exist, than the slide between two or three imaginary players who don't for all ostensible purposes even exist yet.
  7. Someone needs to feed Edler a couple lines of Sudafed between periods, and ride him hard in OT.
  8. Should be a 2 minutes for being a &^@#ing pig, for anyone who chews their mouthguard outside their mouth. I'd rather watch man spreading ball scratching ball players over that disgusting nonsense.
  9. Faster, hands. Gadj is dreadfully slow. Skates a lot like Lucic (similar gait).
  10. Team is out of 'free' call-ups. Anyone coming from the taxi-squad needs to be due to injury. Unsure why some kind of limit was instituted in the first place, and no idea why the Canucks weren't issues more when they were devastated by covid.
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