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  1. RIP Richard Loney :(

  2. Tortorella is the perfect stop-gap. Hire him to try to win now. Start collecting prospects, and when he hits his shelf-life in 3 years get someone else and start a mini rebuild. There's been a few comments saying the Sedins would respond better to a guy like Stevens, and I don't buy it. The Sedins are about as professional as it gets. They will respond to whoever the coach is.
  3. Can't wait for the season to start

  4. Moving to hfboards until the lockout is over.

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    2. BananaMash


      I'd give you my clicks all night long.

    3. Biznow


      k, I will admit, BananaMash's are good though. The first one was short and to the point. The second one had great imagery with the whole "bathing in tears" thing, then the last one brought it home. + for creativity. These are the kinds of flames that make it hard to leave.

    4. EmployeeoftheMonth


      I'd say goodbye but you seem to keep coming back.:D

  5. Just woke up from a coma, how are the canucks doing?

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    2. nux4lyfe


      undefeated so far..

    3. Kumquats


      Has neither lost nor won a game so far.

    4. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Tied for 1st in the league...with 29 other teams.

  6. Due to the lockout, I will now leave CDC in protest.........for 3 hours......until this football game is over...

    1. TACIC


      good idea

      good game so far though

    2. rampage


      stay strong my friend...stay strong

  7. Boo to The Guardian for cutting "Worst Olympics" by Harrison Mooney

    1. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      The Brits had their panties in a knot over it.



      it was shallow, boring criticism anyway

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